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Lieutenant Dereing Hood

Name Dereing Beth Hood

Position Chief Counselor

Second Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue/Grey
Physical Description Shoulder length blonde hair and intense blue/grey eyes. Has a pale English rose complexion. She's strong and slender. Has a crescent shaped birth mark on her left wrist.


Spouse Jake Hood MIA
Father deceased
Mother Marianne Rose
Sister(s) Twin sister Parthenope
Other Family Her husbands family. Charlie and Veronica Hood and Jake's brother Luke Hood.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Derering or Dee to her friends. She has a great sense of humour. Plays the piano. Practices meditation and relaxation techniques. Has a weakness for historical romance novels. She likes long walks and chocolate.
Strengths & Weaknesses She has a latent ability to sense and see things and people that others cannot. A gift or a curse passed down the female side of the family.

She drinks far to much coffee for her on good.
Ambitions To help those as much as she can.
Hobbies & Interests Music, holo novels, meditation, shopping when ever she can.

Personal History Brought up on the Cornish coast with her Mother, Father, Brother Simon and twin sister Parthenope.

Her mother is a romantic novelist hence her daughters names. But it's where Dereing got her love of historical romantic novels from.

She studied to be nurse and then a counselor on the USS Hera. She resigned her post after six years and went back to Cornwall where she married her childhood sweetheart Jack Hood. His family cared for the old mansion house that over looked Robin Hood Bay in Cornwall. Up until he disappeared along with his ship Jack had been the next in line to care for Mere Rosen Manor.

Jack Hood was 1st officer on the freighter SS Katrine and was declared missing in action six months ago when it encountered a rouge ship. Nothing was found of the ship or its survivors.

Now all she has left of Jake were her memories. The care of Mere Rosen Manor will be passed down to her eventually. Which annoys the hell out of Jake's brother Luke. By rights the house should be his and he wanted nothing more than to raise it to the ground.

Her psychic ability warned Dee that things might get difficult for her ad she felt afraid in his presence. She trusted her ingrown intuition it had never failed her. With the help of her mother she had tried to find Jake on the Planes of Existence but nothing came through which could only mean one thing that Jake was possibly still alive... somewhere.

It had meant rejoining Starfleet again but this time she would be a counselor and maybe she would be able to find Jake somewhere.

Service Record Six years on the USS Hera as a nurse.