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Captain Elijah Michaels

Name Elijah Daniel Michaels

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 185lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green


Father Vice Admiral Terence Michaels (Ret)
Mother Dr Mary Michaels (Archeaolgist)
Brother(s) Lt Commander Alex Michaels - XO, USS Collins
Sister(s) Commander Sophia Michaels - CMO, USS Vega
Other Family Captain Liam Michaels (Paternal Uncle) - Starfleet Intelligence

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elijah is a fairly going guy, he cares a lot about his Crew and takes time to try and get to know them all as best he can. He is open to hearing ideas and listening to them. He takes his job seriously and as a Starship Captain he understands the need to lead by example.

However he is also well aware that his past has been a grave cause for concern by many he has served with. Not many CO's have been to Prison for assault but he is not ashamed but the incident with he was arrested. He vows to one day uncover the truth and seek justice for his lost Shipmates from the USS Madison.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Known for his extreme tactical knowledge and expertise, with particular emphasis on Starship Combat and Energy Weapons.

+ Skilled Criminal Investigator with qualifications in Criminology and Forensic Psychology

- However still extremely scarred mentally and physicaly from his service being the only ranking officer to survive from USS Madison in the Dominion Conflict.

- Holds a personal responsibility to the Crew of the USS Madison
Ambitions His Ambitions are to one day become a Starfleet Admiral and maybe even become the most Senior Admiral in Starfleet
Hobbies & Interests In his spare time Elijah is an avid History buff, with a keen knowledge in Military History and the early days of Starfleet. He also reads classic Literature such as Horror or Crime Fiction.

He plays the guitar and the Drums.

Elijah is also a big Ice Hockey and Soccer fan.

Personal History Born on Luna Colony in 2353 captain of school rugby team and athelete of the year he finally joined the academy where he trained in security and left in the top ten of his class in 2372.

Upon graduation his first assignment was on the USS Madison where he was assistant security officer until 2373 when the USS Madison was destroyed whilst fighting the Dominion and was the only crewmember above Ensign to survive he spent a few months in rehab before returning to duty in early 2374.

After his return to duty Elijah joined the USS Norway as Chief of Security with a commission as Lieutenant JG where he served by the end of the war in 2375. During his time onboard the ship Elijah had reccuring nightmares from his time on the Madison.

Elijah moved to the USS Copenhagen in 2376 as her Chief Tactical Officer and later received a promotion to Lieutenant. He was still troubled by nightmares.

While on shoreleave on Risa in 2379 he had considered resigning due to his severe nightmares until a chance encounter with Captain William Riker convinced him otherwise and took a position on the USS Titan until 2381.

By 2381 Elijah was a Lieutenant Commander on Starbase 76 however he was incarcirated for assault of his CO Vice Admiral Sebastian Gates which forced him with a demotion to Lieutenant and spent 2 years in prison until he was released and returned to duty on earth under then Captain Timothy Goddard. Finally Elijah took the Chief of Security job on Starbase Serenity in 2384.

The reason Elijah assaulted the admiral was that Gates commanded the Galaxy class USS Cosmos during the war and was believed to be corrupt by Captain Delax of the Madison after Delax discovered Gates was giving intelligence to the Dominion. Madison was destroyed in the fight that ensued Elijah and Solan Tigh were two of six to escape. Elijah knew what happened but didn't tell anybody as the proof was destroyed with Captain Delax.

He transfered to USS Carthage in 2386 serving as Second Officer earning a Medal for Valour after rescuing several crewmembers from a plasma explosion. He later became her XO in 2387.

In 2388 he transfered to USS Normandy as her XO and later her Captain.

By 2390 Elijah was waiting for reassignment following the decommissioning of the USS Normandy.

In 2391 Elijah was assigned as CO of the USS Victory on her assignment to the Gamma Quadrant Expeditions. He was promoted to Captain within the first 6 months of his Command.

Following the incident on the outskirts of the Gollum expanse and the disastrous First Contact with the Jennarri Inquisition, Elijah and the Victory were reassigned to the Federation Home Fleet in anticipation for the next encounter with the Jennarri.