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Lieutenant Mickey McClane

Name Mickey Loyd McClane

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6,0
Weight 230
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description He maybe 40 but when he was born he took care of himself and he himself looks younger. He had an accident to slow down his aging process


Spouse N/A
Father Mike McClane
Mother Janice McClane
Sister(s) Anna McClane

Personality & Traits

General Overview A friendly good person to hang around with and loves to be around people.
Strengths & Weaknesses Turns a negative into a positive. Gets a little overconfident
Ambitions To be the best starship operations officer possible, and to find love again one day
Hobbies & Interests Build's Starship Models, plays 3-D Chess, and a good poker player

Personal History I was Born in the year 2350 in New Hampshire with Mike and Janice McClane, I had a good life i always was down to earth but when i looked at the star's i was always interested into what was out there out into space. My Parents always thought i had what it takes to be great and serve a purpose out there in life, ready and able to take on life. I decided to join the game of life because i was always interested in machines and doing the job correctly i wanted to be out in space

High School.

During my years of becoming a security officer, I wanted to excel in it because I wanted to be the best there is, I always wanted to see what being an operations officer was all about, it took awhile because it was alot of math and other stuff it took awhile, but when it finally kicked in I was in high gear I was ready and I had excelled after the first few years, I was happy and I had alot of good years but when it came to graduation at age 18 I received a call from the Academy in San Fransisco. When I told my Parents, they were thrilled and they wished me luck and I was ready to see what the future had to offer.

Star fleet Academy.

I Had a good time there, ready they said it took many years but i decided to take the advanced courses and be posted and be out in space in 3, I didn't believe in the no win scenario, I wanted to get out in space and get going I tried not to get over confident, there were a couple of days when I get a mere to Cocky, But it took the words of my parent's to keep me grounded, when I was down. I had almost left, but I Didn't the drive and determination i had in high school came back i was back in the game in drive. After the three short years at the academy, i graduated to full Ensign. and they gave me my first job Deep space 5 in the Alpha Centari system. Now i was about to get a chance of what it was about.

Deep Space 5.

When i got there it was an old ship, But little did I know i was immediately promoted to Lieutenant Jg and Assistant Chief op's officer By Captain Ben Skywalker of the station they were all like picking on fresh meat, sort of a tradition at the station. But i didn't get it to me, i learned alot from the crew Ben and The Chief of that station. They befriended me, it was a great fun four years but i found out i had transferred to the Excelsior class USS Copernicus, i really didn't want to go and leave Ben And Jack Williams The chief of operations but i had to learn about everything in life but now the Copernicus was the last time i would be out in space.

USS Copernicus.

When i came i was of course assigned as Assistant, but i really didn't care. Maxwell Buchanan, Now he was a tough old cougar to work with but, with my mentality and maturity i had i was not going to smart off with him because i myself was sort of like him And The Chief of operations Lee Paris, he was strict to but he was patient with me as well. I Was enjoying myself during my first few years. Then I met her Leena toros a beautiful Redhead girl from Engineering even though she was higher in rank a Lieutenant Commander and me JG, i was smitten by her. I couldn't tell her because i was younger she was older 27, and i was 25. After 5 years i found out Lee, had transferred to a different ship, i never found out and Maxwell, knew i was the next in line. He and I had a heated Discussion, but It was on a mature level it took three hour's in his briefing. When the discussion was over, He told me I was Promoted to the head of operations and Full Lieutenant with all the rights and responsibility's. Later i decided to share my feelings with Leena she and i developed a romantic relationship but, i didn't know it would be the final year. We were responding to a distress call at Galodon Core, and it was an ambush from some pirates on a medical ship, they had ambushed us at point blank range there were fifteen ship's against us I thought that we could out maneuver them, I was wrong. We took out a few of them, but the damage was done. The ship was five minutes away from a warp core breach and the captain order an evacuation. Leena was killed when the core imploded down in engineering, i had lost her. But i was able to get some of my crew mates to the escape pods, but i was hit with some radiation when a plasma conduit blew, but I made it to the pod and escaped. I saw my ship Gone after 6 years at 30 that's when i retired.

Retirement of starfleet.

When i left, i took civilian work, hoping to get my life back in order, but the radiation somehow stopped me from aging quickly, and i had a youthful look when i was on earth. I Found work as an Engineer, and a workman. One i didn't want to lose out on interaction with people and to get my mind off of Leena. I had some counseling during what had happen it took 3 years to get back to normal. I was alone for awhile. I went to a puppy farm, to find an animal companion to keep me company, I saw the one immediately, a pure blooded Black Labrador i took him with me, and adopted him. I named him Aladdin When I took him with me, are friendship grew. He and I were together for seven years. Wherever I would take him with me. I had kept grounded for 10 years. But space was calling to me, It was time for me to go back, But i wasn't going to leave Aladdin on earth. When i returned to the fleet i decided to look for a ship i saw one which would be fun The Phantom I had noticed that she was with out a COO, I hope that I get the job and join in on the fun, with Al with me I'm sure it will be fun. After my brief time with the phantom for awhile i went of in search for another ship. The U.S.S Typhoon. With what happened with Admiral Wright retiring, the action was calling and with me and Aladdin ready for space. Fun was coming.

But being away from Starfleet has had it's ups and downs now i want to come back to the fun again
Service Record Deep Space 5: Ensign/Lieutenant JG Assistant Chief Security Officer 2380/2384

USS Copernicus: Assistant Chief Operations Officer/Chief Operations officer Lieutenant JG/Lieutenant 2384/2390

10 Year Retirement from starfleet

U.S.S. Phantom Brief stay but was promoted to Commander