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Ensign Moriloth

Name Moriloth

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human Offshoot
Age 20

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1"
Weight 88 lbs.
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Moriloth has a very light frame. Punching her way out of some paper bags might be a problem. Her voice is high and not strong. She's fairly lithe in her movements.

Biologically, she is a normal human but with new mitochondrial DNA elements.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Moriloth is 'odd'. It's often called insanity without irrationalism.
If her eyes glaze over during a conversation, she's probably still listening. If she smiles while doing that, however, then you need to bring her back.

Mori's appearance varies greatly. She can dress very conventionally in uniform. She likes snuggling up in shrouding wrap. However, she also is a free spirit unabashed about going sky clad.

Combat ability: Not endowed as a warrior, but her unpredictability with weapons is scary.

Personal Weapons include:
Dizzy Disk - Mild, resonating gravity effect vibrates cilia in the middle ear, causing debilitating nausea and dizziness in humans.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Largely Fearless.
+ Never Lazy.
+ A disciplined learner, hence a superb helmswoman. She takes dangerous maneuvers in stride.
+ Is as good a fighter pilot as she is a big ship driver.

- Aggressive under threat. ex: would impulsively ram an enemy ship... yeah.
- Her subspecies has a disturbing habit of mingling daydreams with reality. Reality doesn't seem to be displaced, rather supplemented. (Try, just try to sort out reality from truth during an interrogation.)
- Can't hold liquor. Half a drink will put her out like a light.
- Isn't accustomed to concentrations of sugar. Juices can make her light headed or silly.

+/- Like all others of her subspecies, she invents all the imaginary friends that she needs. They are subconsciously spawned personae. They don't in effect control or displace her, but neither does she puppeteer them.
Ambitions Nobody knows, yet.
Hobbies & Interests + Fascination for extinct things, especially ancient languages.
+ Fascination for perilous circumstances. Hundred foot cliffs, unshielded energy streams, that sort of stuff.
+ Moriloth is an eclectic interior decorator. For example, a gravity pad allows her to sleep on a nice mattress-pad... on the ceiling.

Personal History Moriloth's human colony was semi-forcibly removed by Starfleet. Somehow, the planet they were on was changing them through the generations. Particularly in the mental realm, her people are now considered to be abnormal when compared to original humans. There seems to be something kindred to insanity in them all. Her colony didn't resist removal from their planet, but they did nothing to cooperate, either. Whatever this strange, altered subspecies is, it should eventually disappear into history.
Service Record {backstory}
Moriloth's acceptance into Starfleet was as much an experiment as it was open door policy. Her class ranking was fairly high in helm competency.


Moriloth's special helm maneuvers:

Cloverleaf - This makes it extremely difficult for enemy ships to coordinate in precision attack runs.
1. Spin the starship on its horizontal plane.
2. While doing this, alternate between full forward and reverse thrust.