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Lieutenant Mikela Reyes

Name Mikela Kiara Reyes MD

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 138
Hair Color Very dark brown with a couple of grey threads
Eye Color Hazel green-brown with a gold patch
Physical Description Mikela looks deceptively vulnerable at first glance, limping slightly with a polished wood cane, her hair long and curly and just starting to go grey at the temples. Behind that initial appearance, however, she has kept a toned build, neither spare nor curvaceous. Her skin is a medium-brown, her facial features pleasant, but not delicate.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Deceased
Mother Deceased
Brother(s) Michael Reyes, twin, deceased
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mikela is an ex-Marine psychiatrist with a wry, sarcastic sense of humor and a dispassionate demeanor, especially while on duty. As a counselor, she is straightforward, nonjudgmental, and detached. She shows the unmistakable signs of one who has lost much. If not for her detachment, she might be haunted.
Strengths & Weaknesses While she was a Marine, Mikela received an experimental treatment that rendered her immune to telepathic influences. To someone trying to read her, she simply presents as a person with heavy mental shielding that never slips, even when she is weakened. This 'gift' has left her with two drawbacks, one of which is obvious: she cannot receive mental-based aid from telepathic sources, whether physical contact is used or not. As a less-obvious problem, she is allergic to a subset of the polymers commonly used in certain types of Starfleet technology.

Mikela left the Marines when her knee was blown out during a mission. Thanks to her polymer allergy, she cannot receive a prosthetic. Starfleet Medical regenerated what they could. She can only walk with great difficulty, unless she uses either a cane or a brace. Despite this, she has kept the rest of her body in good condition and exercises regularly.
Ambitions Mikela is done having ambitions for her own life, or so she thinks. She doesn't have hopes of marriage or family, and she is no longer able to fight with the Marines. Now she simply wants to aid others in what little way she can. She believes that her experiences make her uniquely able to help others in emotional distress.
Hobbies & Interests Having had her old hobbies of hang-gliding and 'zombie runs' curtailed by her injury, Mikela now prefers swimming, which eases the stress on her joints. She also learned to play the tin whistle while in rehabilitation, and keeps one with her as an easy-to-pack musical instrument.

Personal History Mikela and her twin brother Michael were colony kids, raised by a neighbor after their parents died. They were the youngest in their adopted family, and had to quickly adapt to keeping up with (and holding their own against) children who were older and larger than they were. The two of them spent much of their time together, tussling for fun and fighting back-to-back if bullied.

Though their adopted family was kind to them, they were raised out of charity, and they both knew it. Though their 'adopted siblings' were friends, they were not truly 'family'. Mikela and Michael finished their highschool graduation, bid farewell and thank-you to the family that had given them a good childhood, and joined Starfleet together. Here they parted ways. Michael joined Security, while Mikela passed the tests to become a Marine. The two kept in contact, visiting each other when possible, encouraging each other as if they were still fighting bullies back-to-back.

They were both extremely happy when they were posted to the same ship.

Unfortunately, disaster struck only a few years later.

The mission should have been a simple one. The Cardassians were attacking a small Federation colony in just one of the many battles of the Dominion War. While the Marines were sent down to fight on behalf of Federation citizens, the ship itself was ambushed by an extra combat group and utterly destroyed, lost with all hands. Though the Marines succeeded in beating back the Cardassians who had landed on the planet and holding the line until reinforcements arrived, casualties were heavy. Mikela was the only survivor of her group, and she had been seriously injured in the fight. When the rest of her group had gone down, she had continued to fight, and successfully slowed the enemy advance for long enough for the nearby town to evacuate.

For this, she earned several medals for bravery and injury, but she felt that no medals could compensate for the loss of her brother or her own mobility. Her knee had been blown out, and she was unable to accept a prosthetic. Encouraged to choose a new vocation, Mikela simply took an aptitude test and blindly chose the top item on the list, trusting technology to tell her what to do next.

Due to her service and status, Mikela did not have to work her way through medical school. Her days filled with lectures and rehab, making her way across campus with a wheelchair, then a walker, then a cane. She earned her MD in psychiatry and her certification as a Counselor. Due to her prior rank and training, she was permitted to take a Chief position right away.