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Lieutenant Ishan Satele

Name Ishan Satele

Position Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran/Cardassian Hybrid
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 110lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Satele has an average height and weight for a female Bajoran. She has short black hair, Brown eyes and a light-grey skin tone with several scars over her body from her often hard landings in training as well as other causes during her career. She bares the ridges of Cardassians as well as the Bajoran nose ridges, showing her duel heritage. Satele’s has broad shoulder, slightly muscular arms, and is fairly well endowe


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown Cardassian
Mother Ishan Adria
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Ishan Toral (half sister, full Bajoran)
Other Family Step-father Ishan

Personality & Traits

General Overview Satele has a relatively easy going personality, which often surprises people because of her Cardassian Side. She is a little stand-offish around new people, but she has learnt to loosen up a little and actually talk to them. Often, when she starts a friendship, it tends to be very stable. At times, she can be very forceful with her opinions. This 'habit' has gotten her into trouble more times than she'd care to admit, but over the years she has learnt a little restraint. Often when she has set her mind to a task or a line of thought, it tends to be difficult to move her focus.

She doesn’t often give third chances, but she has been known to bend that rule on occasion
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Strong, fast, sociable, Excellent hearing and eyesight, strong mind

Weaknesses: At times, she can go too far with an argument and often looses her temper. When off duty, she tends to spend her time alone in the Gym or holodeck working out or running training sims, but she won’t turn away company if anyone comes to talk
Ambitions Satele was a strong supporter for Bajoran independence during her teenage years until she joined Starfleet. After which, she started to support Bajor's admittance into the Federation.
Hobbies & Interests Satele enjoys rock climbing, running and the occasional bar brawl. She also enjoys sketching and reading. her artbook is full of drawn images of her former and current crewmates

Personal History Satele was born on Bajor to the surprise of her mother. Although her mother originally decided to give Satele up to one of the orphanages, her husband talked her out of it and accepted Satele with love. Most of Satele’s childhood was spent on the families farm, helping to tend the fields with her mother and stepfather. She was homeschooled until the age of 16 when she learnt through a ‘lucky’ accident about her true father’s heritage and, by connection, her true blood status as a half Bajoran, Half Cardassian. After hearing this, Satele ran away from home. After almost three months in the Bajoran mountains, she was forced through lack of food into a near-by town. As she arrived, the looks of disgust and distain she received from the towns folk only made her fell worse. The only person who even talked to Satele, was a Bajoran Resistance sympathiser. The Person, An older Bajoran Female, took Satele under her arm and lead her to her house. After asking around her contacts, the Woman was able to find Satele's family and get her back to them.

After returning home, Satele told her family that she had decided to join The Resistance, and help free Bajor. Quickly accepting her decision, her father, who was a member of the Resistance, managed to talk with his contacts and get Satele into the local cell. Satele worked hard over the next few years and eventually earned some respect in the eyes of her fellow cell members.

A year After the end of the occupation, Starfleet offered Satele a career in Starfleet, which she accepted gladly. During her time at the Academy, she started to show interest in piloting shuttles and Starships. As a result, she started to study everything the stations computer had on Starfleet Shuttles and Helm systems.
Service Record Satele found it hard to fit into Academy life and would often get into fights over the teasing she got from the other students about her Cardassian ridges. Satele almost dropped out of the Academy, but for the efforts of one of the academies teachers, who helped Satele deal with the teasing and even gave her some extra tutoring on the side to help get her grades back up. After a while, Satele managed to gain a bit of a reputation for being willing to flatten anyone who teased her.

Thanks to the mixture of her Bajoran Stamina and her Cardassian Mind, she was quickly able to outpace her fellow classmates in both physical and mental abilities, and by the time she graduated, she was the top in her class in hand to hand combat, computer encryptions and third in her class in Starship piloting.

After graduating, she was assigned the USS Brisbane under Captain Anderson. During her first year on the Brisbane, Satele spent as much time as she could on the bridge, watching how the Chief Helmsman operated his station. On occation, when the ship was on an exploration or survey mission, Satele would take the helm with one of the senior staff standing over her, making sure she didn’t crash the ship.

By the end of her first year onboard, Satele had gained some considerable skill and was given the position at helm during Gamma shift. Satele served on the Brisbane for four years, moving up the ranks to Lieutenant JG, before she was transferred to Starbase 204. While she thought this was a step in the wrong direction for her career, she soon found that being on a station wasn’t so bad after all, as she was often called upon to pilot a shuttle when ever someone needed to go anywhere. on the station, a mission into Breen Space went horribly wrong, trapping several marines in an extreme survival situation behind the Breen boarder. Satele was assigned to pilot the runabout taking the Marine Team sent to recover the injured marines. During the return flight, the Runabout they were in was attacked by a Breen cruiser. Dispite her best efforts, the Runabout sustained damage and during the battle, a plasma conduit exploded near where Satele was sitting, knocking her out cold. After the Starbase recovered the damaged Runabout, Satele was immediately rushed to the stations hospital. Having sustained burns to almost 50% of her body, the hospital tried to help her the best they could, but as the hospital wasn’t fitted out to help Satele, she was sent to the hospital ship USS Bach for treatment.

During her time on the USS Bach, Satele was placed in a medically induced comma as the medical staff went to work attempting to repair her injuries. After almost three months in and out of surgery, Satele was finally awoken from her comma. The doctors told her that she would never walk again, as her spinal cord had sustained severe damage from the explosion as she was sitting so close to it. However, she never gave up hope of sitting at the helm a starship again. So over the next four months, she surprised the Bach Medical staff and Starfleet Medical by slowly but surely working her way to almost full recovery. After recovering, she was reassigned to Starbase 204 where, during her first year back, Satele was given the position of Chief Support Craft Pilot for the duration of her assignment. After three months, she was transferred to the USS Great Brittan as their Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer.

During the next three years, she piloted the ship at every opportunity she could get, just so she could get used to the helm station again. As a precaution, the Captain of the Great Brittan had a senior officer stand next to her station just incase. Satele found this insulting and sould often give annoyed glances to the officers assigned to watch her. eventually, Satele had enough of the 'babying' as she called it and complained to the CO. After the Captain told her that he'd requested the officers keep an eye on her, Satele lost it. After almost half an hour of yelling and calling the captain every name she could think of, she stormed off to the shuttle bay, stole a shuttle and left Starfleet.

Over the next few years, Satele wandered from port to port, never staying in one place for more than a week. Eventually, she fell in with a small Maquis cell who were in need of an experienced pilot. As soon as they heard that she'd been Starfleet trained, the Cell leader, a Human male, couldn't wait to sign Satele onto his crew as most of their targets were Starfleet and Federation Supply ships.

Satele kicked around with the Maquis for a few years, helping them attack the Supply ships with minimal effort and risk to both crews. A little surprise how well she was treated, Satele started to feel a little at home with this new crew and eventually fell in love with an engineer.

During her time with the Maquis, their ship was resupplying on a Klingon station near the federation boarder when Satele overheard two Klingon officers talking about their next assignment, a raid on a federation outpost. Memorising every detail she could, Satele left the station and made her was directly to the closest Starfleet outpost.

once there she went straight to the local intelligence officer and told them that she had information for them to hear, but at a price, her reinstatement in starfleet and protection from the Klingons.

After a long process of interrogations, investigations and calling in favours, the Station's Chief Intelligence Officer managed to convince the brass to reinstate Satele into Starfleet and find her an assignment. Some of the conditions of this reinstatement were that she couldn't leave the ship unless supervised by a superior officer or on an away mission, that she write a formal appology to the senior staff of the Great Brittain and that she attend monthly counselling sessions.

After a few months of retraining with the Stations Intelligence Department, Satele was given her assignment to the USS Victory at their Chief Flight Control Officer.