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Captain Brenda Sinclair

Name Brenda Gillian Sinclair

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 125lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Standing at average height, Brenda doesn’t get noticed for her physical stature. It is the intense look, and cold stare that she can project that makes people notice her. A Celtic-style tattoo band around her upper arm stands out against the creamy skin, and only adds to the image she projects.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Duncan Sinclair (deceased)
Mother Ceana McCullough
Brother(s) Colin Sinclair (deceased)
Fergus McCullough (step-brother)
Sister(s) Isabel McCullough (half-sister)
Other Family Aileas Sinclair (maternal-grandmother)
Seamus McCullough (step-father)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Semper Fi is more than a motto. To Brenda, is the code of her life. She is fiercely loyal to friends and colleagues, and will go to the ends of the earth and beyond to protect them. On the flip side of that, betraying her trust and friendship will break said trust, and Brenda is one who very rarely - if ever - trusts again.

She often has a lighter, more playful side, though that only comes out when the hour is late, and the hair is let down, so to speak. A natural tease by nature, Brenda is someone who will enjoy a good joke when the time and place is right.
Strengths & Weaknesses Brenda has a great capacity for trust - to a point. It is often very difficult for her to truly let people in under her armour, and see the real her. This is a defensive mechanism she has built up, in an attempt to hide a family and childhood she doesn’t want people to know about.

A great Marine, and gifted fighter, Brenda excels professionally, which often balances out her social weaknesses. Despite this skilled talent, Brenda is not one to enjoy paper-work, and will avoid it at almost any cost, with any excuse. She much prefers getting the job done, and moving onto the next, to writing endless reports of what was done.
Ambitions The main ambition Brenda has is a simple one: she wants to leave her past behind, leave her childhood alone, and be able to make a name for herself, without constantly being known as her mother’s daughter. It is a goal she has yet to fully accomplish, and until she does, she will keep trying to prove herself with her own merits.
Hobbies & Interests The main hobby Brenda has, outside of her work, is horse-back riding. It is a guilty-pleasure she keeps to herself, and enjoys many hours on the Holodeck.

Personal History Brenda’s childhood was not the usual one that people grew up with. Indeed, it was a childhood that she has spent the rest of her life trying to ignore and escape. From the moment she was born, Brenda’s future was sealed - as far as her mother was concerned. To be born into the Sinclair family made one a step away from Royalty, or so Ceana Sinclair would often say.

Brenda’s earliest memories were spent being taught how to walk, how to talk, and how to behave like the lady she would one day become. The Sinclair home - a prison in Brenda’s mind more than anything - was a grand place. It had all the furnishings, all the technology, and all the comforts, yet that only made it a well-decorated prison.

Brenda’s mother - the Countess of Caithness - had always planned for her daughter to succeed her. It was a pitched fight that waged silently between the two women, and Brenda’s father often stayed quiet, lest he be drawn in on one side or the other. Finally, seeking peace, Brenda ceased fighting with her mother, over what would become of her fate. She did not let the elder woman win, but she didn’t raise the issue herself. It was a situation that led to a quiet - if not friendly - period of her life.

This period of Brenda’s childhood lasted until the girl turned fifteen. At this time, Ceana announced that Brenda was to spend the next year preparing for her first Debutante Ball, to be attended after her sixteenth birthday. This sparked a fresh series of arguments, which sadly, had more devastating repercussions than anyone could have expected.

Duncan Sinclair, Brenda’s father and husband of the Countess had suffered from a long-standing illness, which had been kept quiet, for the sake of the family and its name. The clash between mother and daughter, however, put a great deal of stress on an already weakened man, and he suffered a heart-attack which claimed his life.

This cemented the animosity between mother and daughter, both blaming the other for the loss of the man they both loved. Brenda, blaming her mother for forcing her into a world and a role she wanted no part of, and Ceana, blaming her daughter for simply not doing as she was requested. It was a sad time for the whole family, and while Brenda continued to stay at the house - Ceana feared gossip more than she resented her daughter - the two had never been able to reconcile their relationship.

When Brenda finished her schooling, with full honours, it was time for her to escape the prison she had been kept in. She knew where she wanted to go, and how to get there. What she yearned for, though, was one final reconciliation with her mother, before she departed.

This wish, as fate would have it, was to be denied her. Ceana Sinclair effectively turned her back on the daughter who had rejected everything about her world, and didn’t give her blessing on Brenda’s future endeavours. With, or as it would be, without her mother’s blessing, Brenda went in search of the career she had yearned for. The chance to be her own person, with her own merits, her own successes. Somewhere no-one would care who her mother was.

That was the Starfleet Marine Corps.

The one thing Brenda had been grateful for, was the schooling she had been given. Her mother had wanted her to be a perfect girl, a model to which the apex of society would want to emulate, and so she had sent Brenda to the finest schools, the finest teachers, and she had achieved the finest qualifications in the process.

That made entry into the SFMC Officer Candidate School easier than it would have otherwise been. Undertaking an OCC, Brenda spent ten weeks in study, ten weeks changing from a civilian, who had fought against her mother, to a Marine.

After that, it was off to the Basic School, which took the raw graduates and showed them how to command, how to lead, and how to keep their people from getting killed. It was a gruelling time, one that left Brenda somewhat shell-shocked regarding the world outside of what she had known. However, a Sinclair is always a Sinclair, and Brenda would not allow herself to fail. This was the chance she had wanted, and the drive, the determination that drove her would not let her fail.

After all the training, after the weeks being cooped up with studies, and training, Brenda Sinclair was a Second Lieutenant of the Starfleet Marine Corps, Platoon Commander. It was a success, however, that she didn’t have time to relish in as assignment orders were never a slow process for the Marines, and Brenda was no exception.

Camp Archer was a sprawling Marine Corps barracks, located on the second moon of Betazed. It was here that the 40th Regiment was located, and here that Brenda was assigned. Effectively, her first long-term stay away from Earth, Brenda was initially ill-at-ease, and it took some time for her to get acclimated to her new surroundings.

Nevertheless, this didn’t stop the young woman from excelling in her career. Within a year, the brunette had passed the Advanced Rifle Marksmanship test, something with which she was very proud. This success was tempered, somewhat, as shortly after her promotion to First Lieutenant, and Company XO; she failed her Flight proficiency test. The failure came with a restrainment, that she couldn’t re-take the test for a year.

The failure, however, didn’t stop her from continuing with her standard combat training. The Platoon would take regular trips to the varied terrain of Betazed for both survival as well as search and evasion training. When the year prohibition on her flight test was up, Brenda went at it again, determined to get her shuttle status. For a second time, she failed, and this time, it would be two years before she could try again.

Time, though, waited for no one. Having served well and diligently as the Company Exec, Brenda’s railroad bars had come in, as well as a Company CO billet. With no available Companies to command within Camp Archer, this would mean yet another move, but for the prospect of being an O-3, this was something Brenda was willing to accept.

The 3rd Battalion, 66th Regiment was stationed along the Federation-Cardassian Border. An area of space known for its skirmishes, brush fires, and tense moments. In that regard, C Company - nicknamed “Fighting Angels” due to the statistically higher number of female personnel - was no different. Brenda’s combat tactics were tested, and she proved more than capable to deal with whatever the “Cardies” threw at her.

Shortly after her re-assignment, Brenda achieved both the Expert Marksmanship award, and - to Brenda’s immense relief - her Shuttle proficiency award. It was a long time in coming, but she had never lost sight of what she had wanted to do.

After some time, the Company was shifted - Platoons and all - to a new location. This one would be mobile, allowing the Fighting Angels to hit hard and fast wherever they were needed, based aboard the USS Victory.
Service Record SFMC Taurus III
[2381] SFMC OCS, Taurus III Training Centre
[2381] SFMC Basic School, Taurus III Training Centre

B Company, 2nd Battalion, 80th Regiment, 6th Marine Division
[2382] Second Lieutenant, 3rd Platoon Commander
[2382] Advanced Rifle Marksmanship Award
[2384] First Lieutenant, Company Executive Officer
[2385] Marine Shuttle Pilot Proficiency Failed - unable to requalify for 12 months
[2386] Marine Shuttle Pilot Proficiency Failed - unable to requalify for 24 Months

C Company, 3rd Battalion, 66th Regiment, 9th Marine Division
[2387] Captain, Company Commander
[2388] Expert Rifle Marksmanship Award
[2388] Marine Shuttle Pilot Proficiency Passed
[2390] 3rd Battalion moved to 21st Marine Expeditionary Force
[2390] C Company attached to USS Victory