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Lieutenant Jarax

Name Jarax

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Denobulan
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 235Lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Jarax is a stout man, standing at a rather unimpressive five foot nine inches tall. His blond hair is staight and falls in a loose mop on his head.

His uniform is worn with ease and emphasis on his own comfort.


Father Yolan
Mother Kesslia
Brother(s) Kesslo
Sister(s) Yertna
Other Family As a Denobulan, Jarax has a large number of familial relations spanning his father's six marriages, and his mother's four. Altogether he has a over 600 notable relations over several generations.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jarax is proud of his Denobulan heritage, despite so much exposure and interaction with with Human's

Jarax is known to have a good sense of humour, sometimes bordering on vulgar. He always finds it in himself to at least attempt to make light of serious situations, to defuse tension and put those around him at ease.

He is considered strong willed and steady in his convictions. He will fight againt that which he believes is wrong and to uphold what he believes in.
Ambitions Jarax hopes to continue on his chosen career path, to whatever that may lead him.
Hobbies & Interests Jarax loves to read. He is keen on Orion classics, as well as classics literature from Earth.

Personal History Born in the Kaybin District on Denobula's only continent to Yolan and Kesslia, Jarax is their Fourth born child, and the Thirteenth in his extended family. He was raised under the tutledge of several familial relations before he was old enough to attend school

Growing up, Jarax found himself fighting for the attention of his father and his mother, who had their hands full with the countless children between their various relationships. To help himself through the feelings of rejection, Jarax used humour. It wasn't long before he realized, he enjoyed making other people laugh, even at his own expense.

Towards the end of his teen years, Jarax began to discover that he enjoyed strategy. At that time, he found stimulation in the Earth game Risk, as well as Vulcan Kal-toh. He was accepted to the Jaryed University for Galactic Relations, and studied for Six and a half years. Upon his graduation he took his degree and applied to Starfleet Academy for Intelligence

Jarax enjoyed his time at the Academy, and finished while flying under the radar. After graduating at the rank of Ensign, Jarax was posted to the Ambassador Class USS Georgia, under command of Captain Jennifer Theberg.

Working as an Intelligence Operator, Jarax was in constant communication with Starfleet and allied listening posts and field offices, collecting and desseminating information. It was a menial job, but as a newly minted Ensign, he could hardly complain.

A promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade, saw Jarax transferred to the USS Carpathia under Captain Krell Mekat. The Bajoran starship commander was not known for his friendly demeanr. Nonetheless, he and Jarax got on famously. When the Diligent Class ship was thrust into a battle with the Gorn, and the Chief Intelligence Officer was killed, Captain Krell immediately elevated Jarax to fill the slot. Not a bad accomplishment for one's second assignment.

After three and a half years aboard Carpathia, Jarax was recommended for advancement by Captain Krell. Although the CO was not keen to lose the Denobulan Intelligence Officer, he knew that Jarax needed to be on a larger ship with more room to further his skills.

When Carpathia was recalled for refit, and Jarax awaited reassignment, the Denobulan made the decision to take in a few specialty courses at the Academy. He took Close Quarters Combat, Small Bore and Large Bore Weapons Certification, and a number of Laguage courses.

After several long months on Earth, Jarax was assigned to the USS Lancaster as Chief Intelligence Officer. The Sovereign Class starship was charged with patrolling the Cardassian borders. While the ship saw no action during Jarax's tour, he took the time to take up the Cardassian language.

Feling himself of little use aboard Lancaster, Jarax laster two years before requesting transfer out.

Service Record USS Georgia, Intelligence Operator

USS Carpathia, Intelligence Operator

USS Capathia, Chief Intelligence Officer

Inactive Duty, Student

USS Lancaster, Chief Intelligence Officer