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Lieutenant Hel Samedi

Name Hel Samedi

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 170
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Of average height and weight for someone her age, Hel stands out visually for entirely different reasons. Her skin is near white, her eyes are a deep black as are her lips and she has facial tattoos emphasizing her eyes.

Off duty she can be counted on wearing simple black clothes. Tank tops, form-fitting pants and the like. Some might call her chosen style gothic, but she usually lacks the heavy silver jewelry or the brooding attitude. Instead, she usually comes across very approachable and friendly.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Yama Samedi
Mother Izanami Samedi-Brittia
Sister(s) Nirrti Samedi

Personality & Traits

General Overview Her philosophy in life is to embrace all what comes, be it good or bad, for how can someone truly appreciate the good, when they do not welcome the bad, and appreciate it for the lessons it teaches and the influence it has on their lives and personalities?

Her warm smile and flirty, approachable nature stands in stark contrast to her usually gloomy and dark outfits. She is kind and softspoken, though sometimes can be melancholic and homesick for the colony of Asphodel.

Hel follows a 'carpe diem' approach to life. Try everything at least once, and see what happens. This has led to her acquiring a bit of a reputation as a reckless daredevil during her academy years, where fellow students would dare her to do things, to see how far she would go. The answer was invariably: further than her fellow students.

Still, she is a person of contrasts, enjoying and appreciating the subtle pleasures in life as much as the grand ones. She is just as much at home reading a good book under a blanket as she is basejumping or rocking out in a crowd of thousands at a concert.

Despite all this, she has a nihilistic, fatalistic outlook on life. She hails from a culture where death is an ever present, accepted part of life and this shows in her general attitude. Death to her is simply the next step in life, a step that all must take.
Strengths & Weaknesses Methodical, intelligent, but more of a leader than an actual hands-on engineer. She'll weigh options and pick the best one based on ration rather than emotion, a trait that has caused some to label her as cold hearted.

Although it's very easy for her to form shallow connections on a personal and emotional, even romantic and sexual level (after all, life is there to enjoy) she has significant trouble with anything deeper than that. She's had many one-night stands and shallow relationships but no real meaningful ones - until she met the Ts'usugi Valeria Mordin.

As part of her nihilistic, fatalistic outlook on life, she has very little regard for her own safety and can be quite reckless.

She needs to wear special contacts in order to be able to see normally in federation standard levels of light brightness, a level which is nearly blinding to Asphodelians. That said, she posesses very good low-light vision if she takes them out.
Ambitions To captain a starship, to see the universe, to find the most beautiful things there are to find, before having an equally beautiful death.
Hobbies & Interests Hel enjoys almost any activity that has some risk or notion of risk to it. Mountain climbing, spelunking, wreckdiving, etcetera. She is a capable swimmer and a decent runner.

In her spare time she likes reading, or playing the electric guitar to an acceptable standard. She enjoys acting and dancing as well and is capable to proficient in both.

Finally, she is a published psychological horror writer under the pseudonym Alice L. Merriweather, citing Edgar Allan Poe, Howard Phillips Lovecraft and G'endar Tm'org as influences.

Personal History The colony of Asphodel was founded several centuries ago by a group of settlers from the New Orleans area in Louisiana, one of the first human colonies to be founded outside of Earth. They brought with them a culture of voodoo, a culture which embraces death as just another facet of life.

Though over the centuries the magical, supernatural and ritual aspects of voodoo has slowly disappeared from Asphodel, the death-culture has only grown stronger. The core belief on Asphodel is that to truly appreciate life, one has to experience and witness all aspects of it - from the greatest joys to the deepest sadnesses. After all, there can be no light without dark, and to each side of the coin there is another.

Due to a natural occuring particle in the Asphodelian atmosphere, light can not travel far. It is a dark colony. This has led to its inhabitants developing a very pale skin and extra sensitive eyes.

One fairly typical Asphodelian was young Hel Samedi. She grew up in one of the main cities, studied, had friends, enjoyed hobbies, and when she turned 18 she left Asphodel and traveled to Earth to enlist in the academy.

During her academy years she developed a reputation as a reckless daredevil, someone for whom no challenge or dare was too much, much to the chagrin of her teachers. Still, they could not deny her performance in her studies, and she graduated with honors. And a lot of marks on her record.

After completing the academy she spent several years on the USS Midway, slowly making her way through the ranks. Eventually she was transferred to the USS Victory, and a new chapter in her life had begun.