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Gunnery Sergeant Val Seran

Name Val Seran

Position First Sergeant

Rank Gunnery Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Dalacari
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 184
Hair Color Caramel
Eye Color Green
Physical Description A typical Dalacari, Val Seran resembles an evolved and humanoid version of the terran predatory mammal called a Stoat. Her fur is caramel on the sides and back plus the top of her tail and head, with white on her chin and front of her body, along with the underside of her tail. Also typical of Dalacari, the individual Val Soran comprises of twin bioforms, posessing of a single consciousness shared between the two via a low level, subconcious telepathic link.

Unlike typical Dalacari, the two bioforms are not quite identical, one of them posesses a prosthetic arm and wears a somber black bracelet with gold trim on her natural arm. Other than those identifying features, the bioforms are identical, down to their height, weight, eye color and fur.


Spouse Jorem Seran
Father Sinal Gavorin
Mother Mora Gavorin

Personality & Traits

General Overview Off duty, Val is a friendly individual, always happy to make friends to share time and hobbies with. She's ready with a smile and a kind word, ready to give up her time for those she considers friends, either actual or potential. This hides a scarred soul, hurt by events in her past, including the near loss of her husband and the fact that her bioforms are no longer identical.

On-duty, Val puts on her serious face, to the point where she can come across as cold and blunt. This comes from the Dalacari tendency to strive for efficiency. Val understands that when she's working, there is neither time nor need for frivolity.
Strengths & Weaknesses Although Dalacari eyesight and hearing is not better than that of a trained human, Val is still considerably perceptive. After all; four eyes see more than two. Especially when sharing a single consciousness. Senses are shared between bioforms; what one bioform sees, smells, hears, tastes or feels, the other does too.

Being two bioforms, Val can be in two places at the same time, and do the work of two people. however, the telepathic link that links the bioforms has a short range of up to roughly 8 meters. Were the bioforms to separate beyond that, they become less effective. From general distraction and an inhibited ability to concentrate, to anxiety and panic attacks. Although Val's two bioforms can act independently for a limited time when needed, prolonged separation of the bioforms leads to severe mental trauma.

Physical contact between the bioforms leads to physical discomfort, as well as being a societal taboo.

Val is a capable survivalist. Her Dalacari physiology allows her to function as her own spotter, and the years she's spent honing her skills with the GX-80 has made her a force to be reckoned with.

Due to Dalacar's 30% higher than Federation Standard gravity, the average Dalacari is a bit heavier and stronger than the average human of similar build. Val, like all Dalacari, is slightly denser than water and requires small flotation devices to be able to swim. These flotation devices are built in to her uniform, providing her with neutral buoyancy.
Ambitions To make a difference.
Hobbies & Interests Val enjoys physical exercise, from running and swimming to climbing and physical martial arts. She trains with weapons of many kinds, and is capable in hand-to-hand, with a knife, a quarterstaff and most types of firearms, pulse and beam weapons.

When not exercising her body, Val spends a lot of time on the firing range, honing her skills with her personal GX-80 integrated marksman weapons system, as well as Federation standard type II and type III phasers. She also enjoys singing.

Finally, she enjoys cooking and is quite an accomplished chef, having won various awards and coming third in a high-stakes cooking contest on Dalacari Holo-TV.

Personal History Born in a small town on Dalacar, Val Gavorin's youth was a typical one. She loved stories about strong heroes and play-pretended to be a legendary sniper from a young age, with her childhood friend, Jorem Soran. Val went to a local university, where she proved to be a capable, if unspectacular student, excelling only in physical activities rather than academical ones.

When she came of age she joined the Dalacari defense force, and underwent training as a sniper. It was during this time that her life-long friendship with Jorem Soran blossomed into love, and eventually the two were married. Not long after their marriage, things took a turn for the worst. When returning from groceries, their hovercar was hit by a drunk driver. One of Val's bioforms lost her right arm in this accident, but Jorem lost a bioform.

Unable to cope with being a single, Jorem slipped into a deep depression, and was committed to a care home for single Dalacari. Despite doing her absolute best to be there for her husband, Val couldn't quite deal with Jorem's depression, suicidal tendencies and bouts of apathy alternating with streaks of rage, she eventually left Dalacar to enlist with the defense force.

She underwent the prerequisite basic training and Marksman courses, acquiring the badges and graduating with honors despite being several years older than most of her class mates. She spent the first few years of her service onboard the explorer vessel Cartogus, transferring to the USS Victory when the former's Thinking Engine core exhibited unusual behavious and was transferred to the latter for further experimentation and investigation.

She's still in regular touch with Jorem through subspace communication terminals and still wears the wedding bracelet, as per Dalacari customs. Also as per Dalacari customs, only one of Val's bioforms wears the bracelet, symbolizing that her husband has lost a bioform and is a single.