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Lieutenant JG Asvit Hap

Name Asvit Hap

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (joined)
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft4in
Weight 180
Hair Color brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Has the appearance of a fit and well young man in his early twenties. A sedate shade of blue characterizes his eyes. Clear complexion. Characteristic spots.

On duty he looks good in his uniform Off duty you can find him in a t shirt and shorts most days.

Hair on the messy side


Father Galen Avit
Mother Dzri Avit

Personality & Traits

General Overview Has an zeal for life, not wanting it to pass him by. Non violent by nature, but not completely pacifistic. He equates this to. "I won't fight you, but I'll defend myself"
Strengths & Weaknesses Sure of himself in most situation s, not so much in others. Knows his job from his academic training and has a zeal for his work. Good friend as well.

On the other hand he is trying to live with his new normal with his joining. Not having sought out a symbiont he is trying to figure it out.
Ambitions Just serve starfleet
Hobbies & Interests Reads anything that he can get his hands on

Personal History Born on the trill home world as Asvit Avit he lived his life somewhat outside the norm. He was different in that he didn't actively seek a symbiont. He put in a application for one according to tradition but secretly hoping not to get one

Happiness to him was to live is own life, have his own memories. And life went on just like that. School was typical. Science wasn't his strong suit but surprisingly debate was, developing a talent. As such he made it his focus.

This happened all up to high school. This is where he realized that the age of no return in his mind. Still not wanting a symbiont he immediately enlisted in starfleet, as a yeoman. Life was good. Or so he thought

After leaving basic he was assigned as an aide to the diplomat aoard the USS Denton. As a petty officer he accompanied the CDO. A joined trill in his fourties by the name of Van Hap on a variety of missions.Young Asvit was hooked.

He was a sponge, learning as much as he could. One day on the age of 20 he was promoted to a DO as a warrant officer. That was a proud moment that still remains acherished memory. It was also a day of change, one with silly reasons.

The Denton was sent to a jungle planet. Precautions were in place due to their physiologies yet accidents will happen.

Through a quick of fate the CDO happened to be on planet negotiating a treat to access the site for a marine base when he was stung by a native insect. Due to him being a trill it was crunch time. On one hand, the negotiating stood in the balance, on the other hand the symbionts life did too.

Being the only other Trill aboard Asvit was the man of the hour. Reluctantly he agreed to symbiosis.

Promoted to provisional ensign he continued the negotiating with the natives. Afterwards at the age of 21 he applied for an extended eave on trill to get a handle on the other new sides to his personality.

At 23 he returned to work. He still has some getting used to but he felt redy to get to work. He was assigned to embassy duty for a year before applying for spaceduty
Service Record USS Denton


Fed Embassy, cait

USS Victiry