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So it begins!

Posted on Thu Apr 30th, 2015 @ 10:36pm by Captain Elijah Michaels

He all,

Just a quick heads up from me I'm thrilled to see all of you posting and eager to get the ball rolling it makes me ecstatic for what is to come!

Secondly as of May 1st we will be starting up our first actual mission so let us all get our writing heads on and get into Mission mode, I will be starting it up this evening before I log off.

To those late comers in our Crew don't worry. I will keep the Now Boarding section open for a couple more days in conjunction with our current mission so it is fair and still gives you time IC to settle in.

But enough of me why don't we get to work?!

Thanks everyone!

Josh (AKA Commander Michaels)


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Category: General News