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SImm progress management

Posted on Sun Apr 8th, 2018 @ 12:40am by Commander Bertrand Cuprum

Hi, all.

There has been a bit of grumbling about the time taken to complete this mission. "Landfall" was posted Jan 22. So what has taken us 3 and a half months?

Most of these posts involve 6-8 people. We know that not everyone responds every day. Sometimes a week can go by because people are busy. If you have a post with 8 people and each take a week to respond to one particular tag, that post will take two months. That is just the math of it. So do we force everyone to log in daily? Some people haven't logged in for the last 12 days. What do we do about that?

DO we split the party and let the fast writers get out a half dozen posts while the slower ones drag out. At some point, the fast ones have to wait for the other posts.

Add to that, we have some players who start a post and then just drop out of the simm without telling us. It can take up to six weeks to find out. Do we wait for them? Write over them? Leave them out of any posts?

So, given we have, in fact, posted 17 posts in the two and a half months that have passed, we are actually moving VERY fast.

Now some of you may feel frustrated because you are "waiting" in cryo (like Bertrand). There are still opportunities to write NPC back on the ship (let us know and we can add you). Other than that, sit back and enjoy the silver class writing we are doing and be ready to respond when a tag comes.

Bertrand Cuprum
XO, USS VIctory


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