rebuilding Momentum

Posted on Tue Nov 6th, 2018 @ 1:30am by Commander Bertrand Cuprum

Hi, all.
momentum has died over the past two months, to the point that Brass has been in contact voicing concerns.

In an attempt to rebuild momentum and remind us of the reason we all love to write, the current mission will be interrupted (put on pause to return to later).

Everyone will do their initial landing, then return to the ship (to allow you to tie up any posts that you may be currently working on. There will be an evening spent on the ship (to allow for at least 2 side plots that are being developed)

At some point during the evening the USS Victory will receive an urgent SOS forcing us to abandon the current mission, but allowing us to return later. The new mission will give everyone a chance to use their character's strengths and get us a well needed win on the board.

Stay tuned.

Cmdr Bertrnad Cuprum, XO, USS Victory.



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