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Chief Intelligence Officer's Log

Posted on Tue Jun 27th, 2017 @ 2:01am by Lieutenant Alexander Vickers

Chief Intelligence Officer's Log:

I am logging this as the Victory is barreling towards a rendezvous with the Dalacari and Ts'usugi in order to mediate a dispute. Apparently, a disagreement concerning the possible development and use of an Artificial Intelligence has the two in a quarrel. The use of such technology is strictly forbidden by an accord they two peoples signed some hundred years prior.

Unfortunately, this is a developing situation which leaves Starfleet Intelligence of little help to me or the success of the arbitration. There are a number of unknowns that are greatly concerning me as we continue towards them. To begin, from the briefings that our resident Ts'usugi, a Lieutenant Mordin, provided, these two civilizations are greatly dependent on one another. I am forced to ponder over the causation of why this is even occurring; why one of these two would jeopardize the integrity of the previously mentioned mutually coveted accord. I have yet to determine or be provided with a satisfactory answer. I am confident that if this is more than merely a misunderstanding, then the answer to my question will be vitally significant in the success of the Victory and her crew.

A second, yet lesser, of unknowns is Lieutenant Mordin. I have had one meeting with her thus far and while she is a pleasant individual and officer, I have been unable to gauge her involvement with the home-world, and most importantly, her loyalties. I would not suggest as such without reason to believe so, as I am reluctant to even mention it here, but I have learned from my past experiences to expect the unexpected out here and the honest truth is we do not know what to expect.

Lastly, I have been ordered by my superiors at Intelligence to gather all information available in order to provide a separate and comprehensive report on the situation and how it progresses. While this is one of the less appealing aspects of the job, I intend to follow through, per usual.

End Log


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