Convoy of the Damned

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An urgent SOS. A civilian convoy under pirate attack. The USS Victory rushes to their aide. But where are the convoy going? Why is there no escort? The crew will soon find that there is a bigger threat than pirates to deal with.

All the Kings Men: The King is dead

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The Victory plays host to a Political Conference with numerous Races and Powers from across the 4 Quadrants. Dress Unfiorms at all times, proper etiquette and now a killer is on the lose.

Allies become enemies, enemies become friends and a single blade has the chance to alter the peace of the Galaxy.

The Bandits of Black Rain

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Black Rain, a Star System at the very edge of explored territory that intersects several domains and jurisdictions and Set up as a venture between businesses and governments and a hub of commerce.

The USS Victory has been sent to open up communications with the long overlooked conglomerate, that is until they discover that piracy is rife and corruption nests itself writhin the very heart of the board of directors.

Victory is Death

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Trills and Thrills

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Victory is back on her Patrol after a few weeks of upgrades and repairs and there are some notable absentees taking a much needed break.

Those that are left are going about their duties and its business as usual until they get an unexpected call from the Trill home world and an odd request.

Now Boarding.......

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The USS Victory has been reassigned to the Gamma Quadrant Exploration Fleet. With the Fleet docked at Starbase 710 above the colony of New Kingston it is now time for her new owners to pick up the keys and move in.

Debts to be settled......

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The USS Victory is underway with her crew starting to settle in, and ready get to work by delivering supplies to a remote Research Outpost. But things are never that simple.......The Outpost is not responding and her Researchers are missing without a trace.

Hidden amongst the dense Forests lies an old Enemy that some on the Victory know far too well.........

The Trial of Cor Cordale

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Niron 5 has offered its Federation Allies the use of its highly advanced shipyards right on the border of Jennari space. The USS Victory is dispatched to negotiate the terms. While there an act of industrial terrorism threatens to destroy a city. The Nironeese government and UFP orders the crew to withdraw to a safe distance but Cor says he is able to save thousands of lives.

Do the crew jeopardize the new alliance and the Prime Directive by interfering? Can Cor actually do what he hopes he can? Who will the crew side with?

Smoke and Mirrors

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A distress call is received from Andras IV, and fledgling Alien colony. Apparently they have suffered natural disaster and need immediate medical help. While they are not a Federation race, Starfleet allows Victory to provide humanitarian aide to the Andrasi. However, when the crew arrive, it seem the damage may have been caused by alien attack. Was it an Earthquake, and attack, or something even more insidious?

If I told you...

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SFI have lost contact with a remote facility on the borders of Breen Space. It is imperative that the fate of the station, crew and especially the research is discovered and secured. The USS Victory is sent with all dispatch to ensure the facility has not fallen victim of a Breen attack, or similar.

On arriving, however, they find that the attack is something far more sinister; straight from Horror movies. Is this a New Breen weapon, or is there something else going on?

Commanding the Elements

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After news that a natural disaster is about to hit the Bajoran Colony of Haven, the USS Victory is assigned to aid in the relief efforts and ensure the safety of the Colonists. That is until Mother Nature strikes early.

A freak series of storms and floods engulf the Planet leaving several stranded and trapped. Rescue efforts begin that is until a distress Call is picked up from another Planet in the system. Time is of the essence and tough choices must be made.

Vipers and Scoundrels

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Nomad Station, a den of the Lost and the Forgotten, the Vipers and the Scoundrels. This old Cardassian Station was once a Jewel in the Cardassian Military once known Setak Nor, but now she lays abandoned by the Union following the War and as a home for the outcasts of Society. She follows no Banners and is run by figure dubbed the 'Landlord'.

When the USS Victory finds an old Freighter ferrying an unusual Passenger it only scratches the surface of a strange mystery. The Ship and Crew must venture into this nest and meet the Shadowy Landlord before Tragedy strikes.

Do Not Follow

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Weeks after receiving a signal from the Gollum Expanse and with much debate from within the Federation, Starfleet has sent the USS Seattle to investigate this unknown region of the Alpha Quadrant.

Not long after her departure, a distress call comes from the Seattle and whilst on her way back to the Wormhole the USS Victory is diverted to respond. As she gets closer and closer to the Expanse and the fate of the Seattle, a Beacon and a message meet them first. "Do not follow" is all it says......

Shoreleave and Repairs

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USS Victory is back at New Kingston for Repairs and Debrief following the unexpected turn of events from their last mission. This gives new Crew to be shuffled around.

All the Kings Men: Wargames

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The threat of the Jennarri is being taken very seriously by Starfleet, so much so that Victory and her Crew are assigned to take part in a War Games Scenario with a small portion of the fleet.

It all seems to be very straightforward until an unexpected guest arrived on Victory with some startling news.


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Visitors to our quadrant are as curious about our region of space as we are of theirs. During a scientific joint expedition involving the Dalacari and the Ts'usugi in Federation Space, an incident occurs aboard the Dalacari science ship that threatens not only the Dalacari way of life but also threatens the peace accords between the two species. Federation aid is called in for mediation but what will they find, and how will they report it?

Of Machines and Men

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Several weeks after the skirmish with the Jennarri, the USS Victory begins her exploration of several uncharted systems in an unexplored section of the Beta Quadrant, and then when unusual energy readings are detected on the surface of an uncharted M Class Planet it takes a deadly turn. All the Inhabitants are long gone, the only signs of life come from the Arena at the very heart of the settlement.

When the Sinful strike back

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The Jennarri have proven to be unstoppable. The most advanced and powerful Ships have fallen to this mysterious and fanatical race. But what if a weakness so simple was discovered?

A Fleet is assembled to take the fight to the Jennarri Inquisition and free the people of the Colonies. It's time to strike back.