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Status Completed Mission
Description The USS Victory has been reassigned to the Gamma Quadrant Exploration Fleet. With the Fleet docked at Starbase 710 above the colony of New Kingston it is now time for her new owners to pick up the keys and move in.
Start Date Mon Apr 6th, 2015 @ 11:01pm
End Date Sun May 3rd, 2015 @ 11:01pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Walking in Paradise
by Lieutenant Mickey McClane & Lieutenant
April 2th 2391 Holodeck 2 Recreation clear lake park
Getting the A'OK from the CMO, PDQ?
by Commander Cor Cordale & Lieutenant
After Captain Sinclair's Physical Primary Medical
Medical Meeting
by Ensign Zachary Chandler & Lieutenant
After Commander Michaels Left Sickbay Main Medical
Physical Checkup
by Lieutenant Mickey McClane & Lieutenant
After meeting the captain and before going to ten forward Sickbay
Opening himself up
by Lieutenant Mickey McClane & Lieutenant
2391. Thursday, April 3rd. Stardate 68255.48 Ten forward
Express Physical
by Ensign Moriloth & Lieutenant
Current Sickbay - USS Victory
At a Dizzying Pace
by Ensign Moriloth
Current Stardock Commons
The Eco-Immunity Factor
by Ensign Moriloth
Prior to Joining the Crew Starfleet Office of Personnel
Setting up shop
by Lieutenant
2391. Tuesday, April 1st. Stardate 68246.78 Deck Seven
Checking in
by Ensign Zachary Chandler & Commander Cor Cordale
Reporting In
by Captain Elijah Michaels
Captain's Ready Room
First Assignment
by Ensign Zachary Chandler
Meeting the Doctor
by Captain Elijah Michaels & Lieutenant
Sickbay Main Area
New Faces, New Postings
by Captain Elijah Michaels & Commander Cor Cordale
Starbase 109
Meeting the Skipper
by Captain Elijah Michaels & Captain Brenda Sinclair
USS Victory, Deck 1
Why not another Victory?
by Captain Elijah Michaels & Lieutenant
2390 Starbase 109
Here are the keys
by Rear Admiral Tim Goddard & Captain Elijah Michaels
USS Victory
An Order is an Order
by Captain Brenda Sinclair
66th Regiment HQ - Fort Stewart

Mission Summary