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Reporting In

Posted on Mon Apr 27th, 2015 @ 8:28pm by Captain Elijah Michaels

Mission: Now Boarding.......
Location: Captain's Ready Room

The rather young looking woman walked through the airlock of the ship. She had never been aboard a Sovereign Class before. She'd always dreamed of it, though she had hoped if anything one day she'd be in command of one. But for now.... The chair to the left would have to do. Various officers nodded at her, and acknowledged her and she simply acknowledged them back with a grin. She stopped to stare down at the red stripe on the sleeve of her uniform. 'Michelle Bartlett, what in the name of sanity have you gotten yourself into now?' she asked herself in her head.

There were a lot of things she had to do first, but first she had to go and meet the Captain. There'd be time to arrange her quarters and all that other stuff later. She figured it may be best to start things off by meeting the man she'd be working with a lot. She headed to the bridge, and briefly stopped to look around. She composed herself, and went to the ready room door. Pressing the chime, she waited to be let in.

"Enter!" A voice called out in response to the Chime. Elijah may be the Captain of the Victory now but it certainly wasn't going to be easy to get used to it.

Michelle walked in, looked at Elijah's desk and then at him. "Good morning, Commander. Lieutenant Commander Michelle Bartlett, reporting." she said a bit nervously but still composed.

"Come in, please have a seat and excuse the mess." Ellijah said as he got up and cleared some things off his desk and chair to allow his XO to sit down.

"Not a problem. I'd imagine you haven't had a lot of time to organize things yet." Michelle replied. Even she would have to subject herself to that eventually, and she wasn't looking forward to it.

"Yes well considering they've given us a Starship with a Skeleton Crew assigned to a Fleet that has barely been assembled...." Elijah shook his head. "It could be a bit more organised."

Michelle's eyebrow raised a bit. "Skeleton crew?" she asked. "If they were going to ask us to do a lot with barely anything, they might have been better to put us on a Defiant Class."

"It's just temporary while the Fleet is being organised." Elijah said to Michelle. "As soon as they're done messing around then we should be at full strength."

"Well, I do hope that's soon. Otherwise, I'm sure there's got to be some qualified crew we can have act as department heads temporarily if needed."

"Speaking of which......." Elijah said pausing for a moment. "This is your first posting as an XO isn't it?" He asked her, of course he already knew the answer after reading her file.

"It is." Michelle said. "I had been Second Officer on my previous posting, though being in the lab I didn't always have the chance to take a bridge watch."

"Ahh okay, I noticed that with your file." Elijah commented. "Can I get you anything from the Replicator?"

"A cup of tea would be fine, sir." Michelle replied.

Elijah got up and then headed to the Replicator. "I know what it feels like to be where you are right now, it seems like you'll get sucked into a hole and it's deeper than anything."

Michelle chuckled. "That may be an understatement. For once, I've no idea what to expect."

Elijah smirked. "At least you're honest about it Commander....."

"Maybe too honest, hmm?" Michelle said as she sipped her tea. "But I know that eventually the whole 'sucked into a hole' thing will be a distant memory that I'll laugh about. Just not today."

Elijah smiled. "Have you looked into my record?"

"Only enough to know you served in the war and apparently punched an Admiral." Michelle said.

Elijah chuckled. "It breaks the ice almost certainly I would say."

"As well as you wanted to break his jaw no doubt..." Michelle added.

He smirked before letting out a chuckle. "I think we are all done here Commander, I best let you settle in and find your Quarters."

"I would appreciate that, sir." Michelle said. "I guess I'll be seeing you then."

Elijah smiled. "You know where to find me Commander."

"Absolutely, sir. Thank you for your time." Michelle said. Now to get on with organizing.


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