On The Court

Posted on Tue Jul 31st, 2018 @ 7:39pm by Lieutenant JG Alejandro Fernandez

Alejandro took the basketball in hand and stared down his defender as the rest of his team got into their offensive maneuvers. He looked back at the all pro defender Joe Dumars who had been one of the greatest defenders in his day. He kept his dribble going looking for an opening; seeing Magic cut to the basket while Julius Erving threw an excellent pick. He faked a pass to Sydney Moncrief on the wing, then fired a wicked pass to the breaking Magic Johnson who scored over the always excellent Micheal Jordan.

"Nice one Fernandez!" called out his teammate Kareem Abdul Jabbar getting down court to help play defense. "I second that emotion Kareem, this kid's got game" replied Julius "Dr. J" Erving.

Alejandro smiled despite the fact that the holodeck programming was usually biased to the user.

Dumars had the ball and worked a perimeter passing game with his reliable teammate, Isiah Thomas, but he saw Larry Bird creeping out to the three point shot area. He quickly made a bullet run and somehow intercepted the outbound pass from Moses Malone that was meant for Larry "Legend". He sped down the other end of the court but Jordan had quickly intercepted him. Alejandro made a quick cross dribble and then rifled a hard chest pass to Dr. J as the good "doctor" made a great interior cut to the basket. Erving then took to the air and tomahawk jammed the ball. The opposing team was visibly upset as the clock on the wall buzzed at 0:00.

"Good game all", said Bird. Kevin McHale, Moses Malone, Joe Dumars and Jordan all nodded as they walked off the court. Final score: 127-123.

Alejandro smiled and celebrated with his teammates then said, "Computer, end program".