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Not just a scratch

Posted on Thu Jan 11th, 2018 @ 1:12am by Lieutenant Sara'draphia T'eseri & Ensign Todd Bailey

Mission: Of Machines and Men
Location: Sickbay, USS Victory.
Timeline: Current.

Todd wavered in and out of consciousness as he was taken to the USS Victory Sickbay. He vaguely remembered that just after he'd been hit, Lieutenant Keller had told him he'd suffered a plasma hit. He had no idea if that was right or not, he didn't know what had been fired at him from his assailant or what to expect from his injury. All he was aware of right now was that he didn't have a lot of feeling in his shoulder, but he did feel a 'tugging' sensation that kept traveling down his arm.

Looking up as the officers entered sickbay, Sara quickly got to work. Directing them to the closest avaliable biobed, she quickly gathered the tools she'd need to treat these injuries. "Ensign Bailey, can you hear me?" She asked activating the biobed's display.

There was noise all around Todd, and he thought he could hear far away voices calling his name. Opening his eyes, he saw a medical officers face close to his, mouthing words.

"I...I can't understand you, where...what..." and he tried to get up.

"try to stay calm. i am trying to help you" Sara said, over enunciating her words, hoping it would help her patient understand. turning to her medical staff who were assisting her, Sara started her report, "plasma damage, some subdural bleeding. get be a dermal regenerater and 5cc's of Kelotane"

"There's a....sniper....must warn.....go to.....!!!" Todd said as he worked himself up into a tiz, and as he did so a shooting pain went down his arm. He turned on his side, drew up his legs and in an involuntary reaction, grabbed Sara's arm, pulling on it as if trying to stop the pain.

"it's alright, you are safe Ensign. Please try and calm down." Sara said, grabbing hold of his arm as one of her nurses started treating his injuries. His mental screaming was becoming hard to ignore, even for her practised mind. she was surprised that a human had such a telepathic presence, especially for a species with limited to no telepathic abilities.

turning to the officer who brought Todd in, Sara thought she better get some details, "what can you tell me about what happened?"

"We'd just cleared a wall line Doctor" the officer began, "and Ensign Bailey was checking through his rifle sight to see if there was any sign of the Jennari attackers who looked like they were planning to attack our Marine detachment. Suddenly he began spotted something and began to shout out that there was a sniper, but then he was hit" he finished.

"than i assume you cannot tell me anything about the weapon that caused this damage" Sara said, turning her attention to her patient, "the damage isn't as bad as it looks. The plasma weapon must not have been fully charged."

"Unfortunately no Doctor, I can't" the officer replied "Ensign Bailey received triage from a field medic before I brought him here, so I've no idea how his wound was prior to that."

"it's alright, i'm sure the information wouldn't help as much as i hoped it would" Sara said, looking over at the medical display, "it will take some time, but the Ensign should make a full recovery"

As Sara finished speaking, the display suddenly went wild. snapping to her feet, Sara tried to figure out what was going on, "Wait, that can't be right. I checked for that. there wasn't any damage" she said to herself, reading over the display. kicking into high gear, Sara quickly picked up a few pieces of equipment and got to work. "the damage is more wide spread than the initial scan revealed. get me a vascular and cellular regenerator" she said to the nurse as she grabbed a hypospreay and loaded a dose of Anesthizine.

a few moments later, the nurse returned with the requested instruments. "start at the shoulder and work you way down the arm" Sara instructed, before using her psychokinetic abilities to summon a sub-dermal scalpel to her.

Todd felt the pressure of the regenerator on his skin, but then a massive pain shot down his arm and into his chest, and as he arched his back at the pain, he imagined that it was what an electric shock might be like.

"I can't keep up with the damage" the nurses said, trying her best to work faster.

"Just repair what you can, I'll try to keep the plasma damage from spreading." Sara said, using a tricorder to track the progress of the damage while trying to stop the static discharges from running along his nervous system by severing nerve endings with the scalpel. as soon as the discharge had moved past the severed nerve, Sara would quickly reconnect it before moving to the next nerve cluster ahead of the discharges.

It took them working for almost an hour to get the discharges under control and stop any further damage to the Ensign's body. Giving a sigh, Sara puts down the scalpel she was using and picked up the cellular regenerator, "I believe that we are now out of the forest"

"Out of the woods Doctor" the nurse corrected, as she finished her repairs on the Ensign's arm.

Todd came round and immediately realised that the pain he'd felt earlier was now gone. Calm and relief was all he could feel now, and he looked at Sara and whispered "My thanks to you Doctor, and your staff as well, I'm feeling a lot better now. How long do you think I'll need to spend in here for my recovery?""

Sara looked over the holographic display, "I would like you to stay here for at least one rotation so I can keep an eye on your nervous system."

Glad to hear that it wasn't to be a long time, Todd nodded his understanding, closed his eyes again and relaxed.


Lieutenant Sara'Draphia T'eseri

Ensign Todd Bailey
Security Officer


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