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Getting physical

Posted on Thu Jul 16th, 2015 @ 2:43pm by Ensign Honey Flanagan & Lieutenant

Mission: Shoreleave and Repairs

Having been accepted onboard, Honey knew the next step; getting herself cleared medically. She didn't mind though. To her being prodded and probed was just another day at the office, having undergone decades of the same back home. As such the halfbreed made her way to sickbay, tail swaying behind her. Once there she looked around with golden eyes. "Hello? Doctor?"

"Hello Ensign! Have a seat! I will be with you in a moment." Antos said as he moved out from behind his desk and headed to the main sickbay area. "How can I help you?" Antos asked the Ensign with a kind smile.

Honey smiled, offering a wave. "Hiiii!" The halfbreed, grayskinned, tailed ensign sat down on one of the biobeds, kicking her feet a bit. "I'm ensssign Honey Flanagan, xenobiologissst. I am here for my mandatory physssical, Doctor. I jussst came onboard." she explained, flicking her forked tongue in the general direction of Antos.

"I see! As he activated the main master display and started to access her records that were on file in the computer,"Do you have your copy of your records?" Antos asked politley to her. As he did some minor scans with his dianostic wand and tricorder. while he waited for her to answer. "Where are you from Ensign?"

"Flanagan inssstitute for genetic resssearch." Honey explained, producing a padd and offering it to Antos. "Thisss hasss my bassseline vitalsss. I don't think they are in y0our databassse yet." she mused, flicking her forked tongue out at Antos. "I'm half human, half sssomething elssse. Nobody really knowsss what." She said, kicking her feet a bit.

"thank you Ensign!" As he took the padd from her kindly. "thank you" as he looked at it quickly and copied the files to the computer and started to comapre the readings. "Very interesting! How did this research happen if you dont mind me asking!" Antos asked with a polite smile as he done another scan of her to finish off the comparison. "What I am seeing your fit as a fiddle Ensign!" Antos said as he made use the copy made it to the main computer. "Do you need the padd back ensign!"

"They found sssome alien reptilian DNA with instructionsss how to combine it with mammalian DNA. Eventually it wasss decided to go ahead and run the experiment. I'm what resssulted." A short pause. "Well, me and my fourteen sssissstersss. I'm the only one who sssurvived."

"I am sorry for your loss Ensign!" Antos said sincerely to her. "Is this research classified? Do you know?"

"It'sss ok, I only knew one of them, my sssissster who died when I wasss four, ssso I don't really have any memoriesss of her." Honey replied. She blinked golden eyes, slightly out of synch. "Yesss, the resssearch isss mossstly classsssified, except for the data you might need to know asss the doctor caring for me, in casssse I get injured or sick."

"Very well! I will make sure I keep it in confidence."Antos said kindly to her. "I see your in the science department as biologist I believe." he said kindly. "Welcome aboard Ensign Flanagan. Your Medical scans look great. Your free to go and get settled in. I assumed you have seen the captain? If not better do that first!" He said with a smile and a small laugh. "Take care Ensign."

"Thanksss, doctor." H0ney smiled, hopping down from the biobed, rolling her shoulders a bit. "Yesss, I have met the Captain. And, yesss, I am a ssscientissst, a xenobiologissst to be precissse. Hopefully one day I'll be able to find out what I really am."

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