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The Obligatory Holodeck Post

Posted on Mon Jul 27th, 2015 @ 2:03pm by Commander Cor Cordale & Ensign Honey Flanagan

Mission: Shoreleave and Repairs
Location: Holodeck One
Timeline: After the repairs

With the repairs complete, and power restored to all systems and decks, it was time to test how well the power grid was holding. Cordale walked through the arch of the Holodeck with a case in his hand. A long case, like one would hold a musical instrument in. The holodeck lights kicked in as the doors opened and the Thux stepped into the yellow and black expanse. "Let's see... Computer." and it chimed in acknowledgement.

"Concert hall, late twentieth century. Random. No audience." and the world around the Thux shimmered into a grand concert hall. Which one, Cor didn't know them well enough to differentiate, but it would do for a test. The lone engineer brought his case up to the stage, where he requested a few electronics to be rendered. Some cables, an amp and a speaker, and power. That's when he clicked open his case, and brought out his weapon.

A four string maple fretless bass guitar.

There was a little extra after-market along the neck, since that's where his mechanical limb would be residing for the test. He'd rather scratch plastic then maple. Wood was expensive in space, after all. He gave it a few strums, and then tuned it to his satisfaction. Then just for S's and G's, he gave the four strings a mighty strum, and filled the arena around him with a bass that was felt in the bones, hell deeper... they'd feel that in their soul.

If he wasn't alone.

"Fuck it. Computer..." and he rattled off a list of names. Legends, Gods even. After the computer brought them into existence, with everything they'd need to jam, the Thux introduced himself to them all.

"So, you're our bassist?" one asked. They all had a weird way of talking. "John Paul staying on the keys, then?" and Cor just shook his head. "I'd like to step in, if it's good? Having a weird day, and could just use some of the best tunes."

"Oh well you hear that, he wants the best." Said the gentleman behind the drum kit. "Let's give him a shot." and with mutual respect earned, and the song selected, they let Cordale lead. There was quiet as the Thux mentally prepared himself, and then began. A simple set of notes, plucked strings to those who didn't know, and for fifteen seconds the only sounds were Cordale's bass.

Then the hollow sounds of flutes filled the air. Their source: an electric keyboard. They and the strings danced, but soon the intensity shifted from the two of them... almost to the flutes taking the lead. Forty five seconds into the song, the flutes quieted, but the bass remained. Then the words started.

Michelle on her way to her quarters and was walking past the holodeck when she heard the song, being blared rather loudly but at least the tune seemed tolerable... She walked in to see what was going on and paused in a bit of shock.

The song was potent. In places, it could carry you on a wind. In others, it hit like a sledgehammer. It was about a woman, who thought that all that glittered was gold. She was buying a stairway to heaven.

"Not bad." Michelle said with a smirk.

"Not bad, she says." said the gentleman on the mic. Cordale just gave a smirk, "She's my boss, so she's allowed not to know." and then Cor waved Michelle in and towards the front. "Boss, meet Led Zeppelin. Greatest folk metal rock band ever." a smirk, "Led Zeppelin, meet my boss." and the bunch of them greeted her with their weird way of talking. Accents and all.

"It's been a weird few days, and I like to play bass to relax." he motioned to his mighty ax. "Stairway's an uplifting hopeful song. It's about someone who thinks they can get whatever they want just because, and then they come to their fucking senses. Then the song ends." Cordale wrapped up nicely.

"There's more to it then that, but when we wrote it, we wanted everyone to come up with their own meaning." the lead singer mentioned. "But I like how Big Blue here plays."

"So, Miss Bartlett, any requests? I don't play country music, so don't ask." Cordale offered.

"Neither do we." the rest of the band confirmed in unison.

"How about Immigrant Sssong?" came a female voice from the doorway. Honey sashayed her way inside, tail swaying behind her as she walked. "I can do the vocalsss if you don't mind a girl sssinging for you." she added with a grin, showing those rows of small, razorsharp, shark-like teeth.

"No objection here." Cordale said with a smirk. The lead on the mic surrendered his station and took a seat on a bench off stage, while Cordale brought his bass up to check the strings. "Let's see. Vocals, Bass... a few more and we could actually start a legit band. We'd play in the lounge, off duty of course." he smirked. "How about you Miss Bartlett? Any special hidden musical skills?"

Michelle chuckled a bit. "I've been told my musical talent is actually NOT singing. It sounds rather awkward."

Honey took the mic, then seemed to ponder for a fleeting moment and then beckoned Robert Plant back onto the stage. "Missster Plant," she began "It would be an honor to sssing thisss sssong with you, if you wouldn't mind." It was all very sweet, though the way her forked tongue flicked out at him like a snake's kinda ruined the sweet innocense of the moment.

The gentleman who took a seat off stage came back, his own mic and stand in hand which he obtained from somewhere in the dark of off-stage. "Then it's a duet." he said with a nod as he took a place by her side. Then he gave a nod to the band, and they started.

The beat started, with Honey bobbing and tapping her feet along to the rhythm. A bright smile sat upon her features, one that brightened when she looked up at Robert Plant next to her. Then it was her turn to shine, alongside him~

"Aah-aah-aaaaaah-ah! Aah-aah-aaaaah-ah! We come from the land of the ice and ssnow, of the midnight ssun where the hot sspringss flow!" she belted out, her voice clear and in harmony with Mister Plant's and the music. "The hammer of the godss~" she informed the audience. "Will drive out sshipss to new landss~ To fight the horde, ssinging and crying~"

Now she struck an epic pose, like the heroes of old. "Valhalla, I am cominggg!"

Cor kept on the strings until the end, and once their duet was finished the Thux commented, "Damn, I mean... damn." he was kinda awestruck. "Th.. that was pretty epic."

Robert Plant could only concur. "Yeah, I'll say. You're pretty good on those strings, Mister Weasel Person..."

"Cor." The weasel person corrected. "And that's Honey."

"Honey. Sweet and everything. I like it. You've got a good voice there, Honey." said one of the most legendary singers in rock history, to a one-of-a-kind scientific experiment.

Honey gave an audible squee and bounced on her spot, a huge and sheepish grin on her face, displaying rows and rows of small, shark-like teeth. "Eeeee! Thank you! That was fun!"

The keyboardist gave a nod, "Yeah, we should jam more often." and Cordale could only agree. "Well, Miss Honey, and Loot Comm Miss Bartlett... Lieutenant Comm... seriously, how do you abbreviate that to not make it a mouthful?"

He cleared his throat, "Anyway, I guess this concludes the test of the deck. Power's flowing, music's playing. I think we're good." he turned back to the band, "Thanks for the jam session. We'll catch you around." and the band members, one by one, gave a nod and a handshake to everyone before they turned in kind, and exited the stage by walking up a set of stairs.

For reference.

The first song played is Stairway to Heaven.
The second song played is Immigrant Song.


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