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Unexpected Reunions

Posted on Tue Jul 14th, 2015 @ 3:32am by Lieutenant &

Mission: Shoreleave and Repairs
Location: Main Sickbay
Timeline: Sometime later after the confrontation in the Captains office.

Trax Summers
USS Victory

Lieutenant Antos Rittan
Chief Medical Officer
USS Victory

Main Sickbay
Sometime later after the confrontation in the captains office (resolution).

Trax took a break and left the mess hall since all was done for the later on meals for the crew and the captains choice for his meal. He headed towards the familiar feelings as they directed him to medical. It seemed to get stronger as he closed on the section. Trax was a bit excited to be able to see an old friend from childhood and see how things turned out for him. He noted as he closed on the doors that Antos was not a patient there in sickbay maybe he was an assistant or orderly there. He never thought him being a doctor. As the doors parted.

Antos was finishing updating the medical logs and the roster of crew that checked in from the ones that haven't checked in. As he felt another strange feeling again just like in the captains office but more stronger. As the doors opened as he saw who it was it took him a good minute to realize who it was.

As he stood the man spoke through the open door. “Antos?? Is that you??” He commented out loud as the finally made eye contact. “Trax?? He squeaked out barely after clearing his throat again. Trax!!Oh my stars and goddesses... It is you??” As he quickly moved around the desk to greet his friend properly as he moved to shake his hand.

Trax looked at him quickly up and down before moving into the waiting area as he held his hand out too shake Antos hand. They briefly shook hands then all of the sudden Trax pulled the doctor over to him and embraced him in a good hug. The doctor let out a slight grunt as there bodies collided for the hug. “HUH! It's great to see you too Trax!!” he said with a small laugh.

Trax let out a good laugh before letting his old friend go so they could deal with business first. Trax pulled out a padd. “I am here for my Physical. And to get reacquainted with his lost friend.” Trax said with a sincere smile. “Goodness! Its been was to long and past overdo trying to find you.” Trax commented almost with a tear in his eye.

“I am sorry I never wrote back to you all those years ago!” Antos said quickly. Mom and dad were doing some special thing from star fleet intelligence and all messages were confiscated and destroyed I never new this till after my parents asked one day I was down and I told them why I never received any letters from you.” Antos said as he started to tear up but did his beast to hold them back. “I am truly sorry!! By then I thought it better to leave things be. I did not want to open old wounds.” Antos commented quickly.

“That explains a lot!!” Trax said quickly with both of then we in a long awkward silence. Before Trax broke the silence. “All is good Antos! The lost brothers are now reunited or restored.” Trax commented with a sly grin. Antos knew he was up to something but Trax never revealed it. Besides Antos was never good at guessing what was on his mind. Antos looked at Trax have a seat there and we can get the physical over with quickly.” Antos said with a small smile and did his best to keep an eye on his patient and guest. Trax looked at the doctor up and down from the backside. “Very nice! you developed into quite a man. And a doctor!” Trax said with a compliment and a obvious flirt.

“Thank you! Antos said kindly to Trax. As he grabbed his tricorder and started scanning Trax in the usual fashion. “What have you been doing since I last saw you were still playing piano and guitar.” Antos asked quickly. As be briefly looked back at the display to see the information populating on the screen. “I still play them But I was never as good as you! Doctor!” Trax commented. “Don't be so modest! You were a very excellent player.” Antos continued with his scans.

Antos moved over to the master display and compared the readings from Trax's padd with the new scan your looking great inside and out!”Antos turned and looked at Trax. “Well your cleared officially now to work here. “ Antos said with a small laugh. “Interesting?! Your record here says your an ensign? But another file shows you as a civilian cook??”Antos said pointing it out on the display. Trax got up and looked for himself. “Lovely if they keep this up I wont ever gain any rank.” Trax commented quickly. “I should go see the XO to see what might have happened. I should have been a Lieutenant by now.”Trax commented.

Trax was now so close to the doctor he felt him breathing down his neck. The doctors heart started to race and got a bit sweaty. Trax new he was getting to the doctor. The doctor closed his eyes a moment trying to calm down as he tried to refocus his mind to get things under control. He felt Trax move back to the biobed and stood there a moment. The doctor sighed a bit of relieve as he turned from the console and faced Trax. “you better go! Get that fixed!” Antos said with a small smile and a wink.

“We can talk more later at lunch!” Antos said quickly. “Maybe dinner I am not sure if I have a party to go to or not.” Antos said quickly as he placed the tricorder back on the tray. “I will be there either way since I am more then likely going to be catering the function.” Trax said with a heart warming smile. As he jumped off the biobed and out the door he went with a skip in his step.

Antos smiled widen more at the sight as he took a minute to clean up the area then activated the EMH. “Your in command till I return since your my only relief.” Antos commented. The EMH looked at the doctor. “Are you OK? Your blushing??” after the EMH mentioned it. He got hotter and his face got redder. “I am fine I just got hit on is all!” Antos said quickly. “Hit on! I don't see any evidence of someone striking you.” the EMH said quickly as he got the tricorder. “Wait! Let me explain I should have said I had advances taken on me by a fellow crew member.” Antos explained quickly as he headed out the door towards the mess hall. “I see! And you felt good about the way this made you feel. Got ya! I understand now.” The EMH said as he went quiet then moved to do some lab work.


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