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Upon Arrival

Posted on Sun May 3rd, 2015 @ 7:02pm by

Symbol always loved the fact that her name translated into Federation standard meant an object that represents, stands for, or suggests an idea, visual image, belief, action, or material entity. She tried to live her life as the symbol of peace. Her very movements were such that she literally flowed through space with a grace of a gazelle.

Symbol arrived with two aides assigned by Starfleet Command to assist her in whatever was necessary. The aides directed the Giraffa to her assigned quarters and began to store her gear.

"Is everything to your satisfaction, Ma'am?", one of the aides asked.

"Satisfaction is a deeply harmonious inner condition not dictated by quarters, assignment or vessel dear child.", Symbol spoke with the eloquence of a spiritual ambassador.

"These are your Federation assigned uniforms, Ma'am.", the Aide laid out the Federation purple uniforms of the diplomatic core.

"I believe there may be a mistake, Ambassador, the pip markers are for Lieutenant Junior Grade. This is a very low rank.", the Aide looked at the Giraffa Ambassador.

"All personnel will refer to me as Ambassador, sweet child. The rank is to establish a chain of command on the vessel and important for command and tactical decisions. As a member of the diplomatic corps., I will not be taking part in any such decisions. No one should take offensive or tactical orders from a pacifist. The rank is most appropriate.", Symbol spoke softly.

"Prepare my ceremonial skirt and cut the uniform so that it may be worn as a tunic over my robes.", Lt. Jaa requested.

"Aye, Ambassador.", the aide responded, "And where might you be off to?'

"I shall go to meet the Captain.", Symbol announced.

"Aye Ambassador. I will alert him of your impending consultation. Should I also alert the ship's medical officer.", the aide asked.

"If that is what is deemed appropriate, let that be the way.", Symbol responded.

"Go with peace.", Symbol offered.


Ambasssador Symbol Jaa
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Victory


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