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Settling Down

Posted on Mon May 4th, 2015 @ 3:38pm by

She'd taken her tour, checked out the ship and met the Captain. There were still other things she had to do, but right now Michelle had only one thing on her mind: Relaxing while she still could.

The flight to starbase had been a long one, and she overwhelmed herself seeing her new environment. Now it was simply time to relax. In anticipation, she walked and made her way to her quarters, and then stepped inside. Not a lot surprised Shelly anymore, but the size of her quarters may very well have. It was enormous.

She smirked a bit, walking into the barren room. Mentally she was preparing where she would put all her things, and she hoped there would at least be something that would allow her to cook a little. As much as she didn't mind replicator food, her grandmother and her mother's well above average cooking skills spoiled her for things she would eat and she didn't quite trust the cooks on most of the vessels she'd served on. Though on her last posting there was someone who made the best peppermint cheesecake she'd ever had. Not that she'd ever tell her mum that. The thought of her mother caused her to smirk a little and roll her eyes.

Her mum was not someone who had been crazy about the idea of Michelle going to the Academy. Oh, the arguments they had. In her mother's defence, a major war had just ended and nobody knew if the peace that came after the Dominion War was promised to last. But it seemed aside from a bit of diplomatic sabre-rattling once in a while, it had for the most part. But she was going to explore space. And she felt that specializing in the sciences would at least keep her out of the worst of the area. At least she didn't try and enter the diplomatic service. She knew that quite frankly she'd have been horrible at it. Her? A senior diplomatic officer? No bloody way. Not now, not ever. Probably not even in an alternate universe. At least there was one aboard to help keep her tongue in check. She said what she thought way too much. She often wondered just how the hell she kept her job at times.

She looked around, put most of her things down, and realized she still really had no energy to unpack. What was a girl to do? She looked around, and decided it might be a good idea to hit up the lounge. Might not be a bad idea to meet some of the crew. And to eventually make her way to the CMO at some point.


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