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My personal Feelings.

Posted on Tue Aug 4th, 2015 @ 9:35am by Lieutenant Mickey McClane

Chief Operations officer's log, Stardate August 4th 2390. Recording under security lockout McClane alpha 7.

I am outside right now with my dog. He and i are on a spacewalk were sitting near the deflector dish just enjoying the view of space. One thing is for certain, when we get to that planet i am just hoping we can get them all out of there. I don't believe in the No-Win Scenario, or as back in the 23rd century as it was called the Kobiyashi Maru. I feel like something like that is about to happen but i cannot worry about such things right now but one thing is for certain, i know that i can't just play the hero and all that it takes the fun but i know i offered some suggestions but sometimes you have to take risk. But i am not about to take matters into my own hands and then get banished. Here right now, i damn well intend to play by the rules.

Now i am going to sit with Aladdin now, while we watch the tunnel and go to our next mission.

End of log.


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