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Some New Blood

Posted on Mon May 4th, 2015 @ 8:20pm by Captain Elijah Michaels & Lieutenant Valeria Mordin

Mission: Debts to be settled......
Location: Captain's Ready Room

Across the gulf of space, a fastline shuttle streaked to her destination and dropped out of warp at the perimeter of the starbase. "Shuttlecraft Gamma Seven calling the Victory. Last minute crew transfer inbound. Over."

The shuttlebay operator gave a reply, and opened the shuttlebay doors to allow the shuttle to land. Crewhands went to secure the personal effects and cargo of the transfer, but when the shuttle door opened, everything stopped for just a moment as the occupant made her way out. "Thank you for the ride." the rabbitess all but purred to the pilot as she left. To the pilot's credit, he watched her leave intently. To ... make sure she made it off that one step safely. That'd be his story.

Valeria stepped lively, as she had a task to complete before she even had a purpose. The transfer offer came quick, and serving aboard a Sovereign would be an interesting experience. Though, there was one thing she had to make sure the hands handling her cargo knew, and to their building enjoyment, she walked over towards them.

"On the manifest there is a flower, transported in a transparent casing. Please be careful with it." she paused, "Don't let it get jostled or worse, opened."

"Is it poisonous?" one of the crew hands asked, almost sarcastically. She shook her head and replied, "No, it however is aggravating." and with that warning delivered, the rabbitess turned and headed to the main hallway. Work on transporting her effects didn't start until after she had left their line of sight. The floor might have been slippery. Had to make sure she made it out safe.

Some hallway navigation later, and the rabbitess found the Captain's location, and pressed the announcer chime.

"Enter!" Elijah said from his Desk, and the door swished open as Valeria all but swished in herself. Force of habit, if you were to ask her. Her stride to the desk took about four steps, then she came to a stop at attention before the desk with her transfer PaDD under her arm. "Valeria Mordin, transfer from the Rickenbacker. Reporting for station sir." and only after that, did she soften that pose of her's to hand Elijah the PaDD.

"Ahh yes hello." The Commander smiled. "May I see your Transfer orders?" He asked before offering her the Seat in front of him.

She handed the PaDD over his way and then took the offered seat. She'd hold any questions about the haste of the transfer, or the mission in general, until later. As far as she knew, it was possible that even the Commander didn't know where they were off to yet. Humans were odd that way.

"So this Transfer was sprung upon you Lieutenant?" Elijah asked. Valeria gave a nod, "It was rather last minute, but I've had things dropped on my lap with less notice, so it's no issue. Besides, the basic idea is to transfer up, and when a Sovereign class needs you, you answer." she said with a smirk.

Elijah nodded. "Very good way of thinking." The Commander skimmed through her orders on the PADD. "Everything seems to be well in order, and it seems you are more than eager to get started."

She gave a smirk, "Well, my people don't really enjoy idle time doing nothing. Plus the sooner I get settled, the sooner I can handle what's expected of me." a pause, "Are there any aspects of the upcoming missions that I should specially prep the laboratories for?"

Elijah shook his head. "No, it is a routine Supply drop off and nothing more."

"That'll just give me some time for calibrations." turn a potential negative into a positive seemed to be her MO. "I don't even want to ask what condition the laboratories are in."

Elijah shook his head. "I wouldn't ask....." and that was well enough for the lady. "Then I should head down there and see what I can do." a pause, "Pending approval, of course."

Elijah nodded. "Understood, I will need you on the Bridge for our departure." and she gave a single nod, "Understood. I'll check on Sciences after our departure. No use in starting a harvest only to stop it." she added, as though some whimsical metaphor. Her reflectionless eyes turned back to Elijah, and while she wasn't eager to leave, she was eager to start.

"Carry on Lieutenant." Elijah said with a smile. With that, she stood and gave a rather formal half-bow, "Sir." as she straightened, and then proceeded out.


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