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Searching for Answers

Posted on Wed Nov 7th, 2018 @ 12:54am by Commander Bertrand Cuprum & Lieutenant Sara'draphia T'eseri

Mission: Convoy of the Damned
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: following "touching of minds"

OOC: Trying to keep time lines tight.
1) we spend time on planet
2) You return and perform ocular upgrades to Simon
3) The body swap


Quickly walking into sickbay, Sara, now in Bertrand's body, made her way toward her office without speaking to any of her staff that she passed.

Watching Commander Bertrand storm into the CMO's office, one of the nurses was about to walk over to see if she could help before the doctor returned. Taking a few steps forward, she heard the doors to sickbay opened to reveal Sara standing there.

"Doctor, Commander Bertrand just walked into your office" she said, walking over to Sara.

"Did I?" The doctor responded, "Er... he? Oh, yes! I said he could access my files to... check..."

The faux-doctor searched the nurses face for any clues that he would normally use to blend in undercover, but he could not hear surface thoughts and was floundering badly. How did other people manage this?

"...something," the blue woman finished lamely. "Medical research. He's been asked to look into something by the Betazoid Government. So... naturally, give him any access he requires."

Now Bertrand's mind was on fire. it was still his, so that was something.

"In fact, I may be caught up for a while helping him with his research. We'll have to split my workload between Dr Par and Dr Nagiska, for a few shifts at least. Excuse me..."

Bertrand moved through to the office, glancing behind to see he wasn't about to be over heard.

"We need to fix this before you are called on to operate on someone," he hissed. "Even if we are able to pass my body off as a surgeon, you can't use a scalpel with that."

He pointed a blue finger to the mechanical right arm which had, without Sara even felling it, bent the PADD she was reading.

Sara sighed. "This will take some explanation," she said to herself, examining the artificial limb. "So this is the Federation's answer to outlawing genetic engineering. It reminds me of a race we encountered on the edge of our territory" she said.

"No the limb is..." Bertrand hesitated. "I lost the arm in my twenties to the Borg at Wolf 359, along with an eye, and a number of organs. I was partly assimilated before being rescued. That body you are using is full of Borg Nanites that have been tricked into maintaining Fed tech that looks enough like Borg tech that they don't replace it."

Turning to Bertrand, "Do you have any theories about how this could have happened? This is obviously not a common occurrence among Betazoids."

"Not that I've every heard of," Bertrand said searching the database. "Surprisingly, the Federation records seem to have many records of it, just none of them in the Medical files. Earth seems to have had many occurrences in the late 19th, early 20th century. There are video files... Like this one; Freaky Friday. There are hours of this stuff, but nothing in the Medical records. Could it have been lost?"

"it is possible, however I am unsure why there would be video's of this happening in another database without it being in the medical database" Sara replied

"Maybe we need to ask a human?" Bertrand stroked her head. "We should at the very least let the Captain know."

"Agreed, after which I think we should become more accustomed with our new, if hopefully temporary bodies," Sara said, activating a holographic display of both of their bodies, standing side by side.

"Ergh," Bertrand said looking from Hologram to his own body. "I always thought those images added 10 kg... Looks like that was wishful thinking."

He tapped at where his compin was usually located, gave an embarrassed jump, then tapped again, slightly higher, "Er... "


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