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Medical Complications

Posted on Fri Feb 1st, 2019 @ 12:24am by Commander Bertrand Cuprum & Lieutenant Sara'draphia T'eseri

Mission: Convoy of the Damned
Location: USS Victory, Medical

Injury reports began to pour in form around the ship. They had to lower the shields each time they transported people to or from those ships, and each time they were sitting ducks to Nausican fire.

Response teams were dispatched, and injured began to arrive from around the ship.

Moving around sickbay, Bertrand kept himself busy with triage while the rest of the medical staff attended to the patients as they came through. Although he knew that he still had all of his training, Bertrand felt it was easier at this point to allow the medical staff to do their jobs without worrying about him being in their way.

=A= Bridge to medical. Stand by to receive injured civilians =A=

Tapping his combadge, Bertrand quickly responded, "Sickbay to bridge, we are prepared to receive."

A moment later and the ship shook as the shields came down for transport.

Barely a few minutes passed when the first messages started to come in.

=A= Away team 5 to Victory. One to beam straight to sickbay! =A=

A ship shuddering second later a single individual in bloodied and disheveled rags appeared in the triage receiving area.

A quick glance showed the individual was a middle aged female, pale, possibly due to considerable blood loss. A stomach wound had wept freely and drenched her clothing. Vital signs were barely there.

Taking a deep breath, Bertrand did his best to focus on the patient before him. "Alright let us begin" he said before he started to hand out orders.

Starting his scans, Bertrand suddenly stopped when he saw something strange. Quickly cross checking his scans as the medical staff got to work on the patient, Bertrand found that the patient was infected with an airborne, virulent virus. It was strange that the transporters had not picked up the virus during transport. Moving over to a nearby console, Bertrand programmed the ship's computer to release an aerosol form of a broad spectrum anti-viral to quickly inoculate the crew with the exception of the patient who he placed in a sterile field.

Looking over at the Commander as the aerosol began to settle, the head nurse wondered what he was doing, "Commander, is there something we should know?" She asked. Even though it wasn't out of the ordinary for a nurse to ask such a question, it was generally at the start of an operation, not in the middle of a medical emergency.

"The patient is carrying a virulent virus. I have simply inoculated the crew to prevent the virus from spreading" Bertrand explained, picking up a tricorder and walking into the sterile field, "abdominal wound, weak life signs. Hook up a unit of O negative. We need to stabilize her before we can operate"

"We should sedate her for now to ease the operation" the head nurse suggested, still not 100% onboard with the idea of the XO running sickbay.

"No, if we sedated her now, it would kill her" Bertrand said, getting a closer scan of the injury to get a better idea of what he was dealing with. Although the patient's vitals were hard to read, her thoughts were still there, if only faintly. Pushing the thoughts away, Bertrand tried to focus on the task in front of him rather than the thoughts of those around him.

The woman's eyelids fluttered open, and then she tried to sit up as a wave of terror washed out from her. "No, you can't be here! It's too dangerous. You'll die!"

Surprisingly, Bertrand realized the woman was not scared for her own well being, but only for the strangers around her.

“Do not worry, you are perfectly safe, as are those around you” Bertrand said, trying to calm his patient, “I need you to remain still for the moment, otherwise you may cause yourself more injuries than you currently have.”

"No, no you'll die," The woman insisted, trying to struggle up. "We are already dead, you just need to leave. It may already be too late. This is a Plague ship!"

The woman’s feelings of panic started to eat away at Bertrand’s mental defences. Deciding to keep trying to calm her, Bertrand changed subjects slightly, “Well, then, can you tell me what efforts your people have taken to combat this plague?”

"Combat?" The woman sounded incredulous. "There is no combating this. If you become infected, you die. There is only death. That is why we isolate the sick and send them... us... away. You need to not be here. Please! Otherwise you and your friends will all die too."

The comms chirruped causing Bertrand to look around.

=A=Bertrand to sickbay=A= Sara was speaking on the comms, but used the XO's name. =A=We have suspicion of a pathogen on the convoy ships. All returned crew and civilians should be quarantined till further notice. Have a look at what you can find for us. What is the status of the recovered crew and civilians? Are we safe? Can we bring our people back?"=A=


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