Ship combat

Posted on Fri Feb 1st, 2019 @ 12:25am by Commander Bertrand Cuprum & Captain Elijah Michaels & Lieutenant Seamus MacDonald Jr & Lieutenant Jaton Alyl & Lieutenant JG Scotty Kayne

Mission: Convoy of the Damned
Location: USS Victory, Bridge

The three Nausican raiders moved to engage and delay the USS Victory while the remaining three ships continued their boarding actions.

Tactical supplied, "We can't open fire on the docked Nausican ships, without risking damage to the Hasak class freighters. They have already taken a beating and could just blow up, taking everyone with them. The raiders themselves are only a minor threat, basic disruptors and shielding."

"Trouble is," Sara observed. "We either need to waste time fighting the raiders, or lower our shields to beam support teams onto those stricken vessels, and just take a pounding."

She looked over the reading the science instruments were providing, "Those ships are in a bad way. If we don't get power distribution stabilized, we could loose them. that means sending teams in under fire."

"Alright." Elijah said as he examined the information and looked at his crew. "Take us in, I want the away teams on the platforms now sooner we beam them over, sooner we aren't vulnerable."

Seamus looked around the bridge before turning to the Captain. "Excuse me, sir, I'd like to lead one of the teams if possible."

Sara glanced at Seamus. He was Security background, and it showed in the scaring on his body.

"Join Hel's team. Get the ship's stable if possible. Extract any critically wounded, and make the place safe for medical teams to go in for the rest. Stun only," she instructed him. "Go."

"Yes, ma'am. Thank you." Seamus replied.

After Seamus had left the bridge Sara called out, "Helm take us in, rolling approach; let's try and spread the fire across our shields instead of a constant vector. Tactical, target the uncommitted craft; Phaser's only. Lower shields on my mark. Transporter rooms stand by!"

The ship flew at the Nausicans, and there was a horrible moment of chicken as it looked like the ships would physically block the Victory's approach, but the Nausicans were not going to sacrifice themselves unnecessarily. The ship passed through, exchanging light weapons fire.

The bulk of the Federation starship passed within a few hundred meters of the convoy.

"Drop shields! Begin transport!"

The bridge erupted as the Nauscian ships began to pelt the unprotected hull of the Victory.

=A= Transport complete! =A=

"Shields up! Bring us about, 90 mark 35. Concentrate fire! We don't need to cripple the ships, we need to scare them off."

Only a few moments later a call came through.

=A= Away team 5 to Victory. One to beam straight to sickbay! =A=

"That's Val's team," Sara muttered. "Helm, get us close to their ship. Prepare to drop shields again."

Turning to the Captain she gritted her teeth, "We are taking a beating each time we drop or pick up. We need a plan to get the Nausicans away."

Elijah nodded. “Agreed.” The Captain looked around his bridge and the faces of his Crew. “How about Saucer separation? Give them two smaller targets to fire at?”

Jaton was quietly taking scans at his console on the bridge, and when Elijah spoke, his ears perked up.

"Captain, I may have an idea. If we separate the saucer, we can use both sections of the ship to herd the Nausicaans into the vicinity of the outer moon. I'm detecting plasma discharges from mining satellites in orbit of the moon, and if we time it right, we could use those to our advantage. And if we get them to drop down enough, we could ignite the gases they're extracting."

Sara frowned, "I can see the tactical advantage, but so must they. Still, Saucer separation at the very least will give them two targets. We can use one section to transport, while the other provides shielding cover. Captain, normally it would be your role to take command of the battle bridge and Stardrive section. If you provide covering fire, I will keep the Saucer in close enough to manage transport. What do you think?"

Before the Captain could answer, tactical called out, "Sir, the Nausican ships are disengaging!"

On the main view screen they could see the raiding ships that had been attached to the freighters were undocking and moving away. The three ships which had been engaging the USS Victory, also turned and hurried away, leaping to Warp.

"Do we pursue?"

"Negative," Sara supplied. "We have people on the freighters still. Our first priority is the lives of those passengers and crew. Someone get me a status report!"

"Science reads no damage. We're good to go," Jaton said. "Other departments are still tabulating reports."

"Well, that's surprisingly good news," Sara breathed out. She noticed that she was clutching the edge of the command chair and consciously forced her hands to relax. She couldn't afford lack of focus. Last thing she needed now was to be hurling herself, or another crewman, across the room.

"What about the convoy? What is their status?"
As if in reply to the CMO's question, the comms came to life.

=A= Mordin to Wellington. Captain, Commander, this ship seems to have been doomed from the onset. There's hardly enough supplies to make it to the nearest planet of interest, no colonizing supplies, hardly even a destination. Just a heading. It's entirely possible these passengers are either refugees who are escaping a harsh regime and chose to take their chances with whatever they could find, or they're political outcasts cast into exile. Their ori--=A= Mordin was cut off by a fit of coughs, which she eventually recovered from, =A=... origin point is Trellis IV. As this vessel is capable of warp travel from the schematics, it's fair to assume that Trellis IV is a warp capable world. Perhaps we should contact them to see if we can gauge the political climate. Mordin out.=A=

XO looked to Jaton, "See what you can find out about Trellis IV. Can you get us an audio link?"

Jaton worked on looking for the information there was not a lot in the Federation Database. However, before he was able to report his findings the radio crackled again.

=A=Captain, this is Mordin. In the face of all evidence and the conclusion of most of the personnel aboard this vessel, quarantine this craft until further notice at the recommendation of the Chief Science officer. There is evidence of an unknown airborne pathogen.=A= the rabbitess' normally soft and gentle voice had a bit of a rasp to it. =A=I recommend contacting the world of origin for further information regarding the disease, as the computers here are barely functional and have no information on them regarding the purpose, destination, and condition of the people.=A=

"Acknowledged, Lieutenant," Sara responded. "Do you know if the sickness is contained to your ship or the entire convoy. We already have a number of injured crew and civilians on the ship. I need to know if we need to quarantine sickbay."

It was Hel that answered. "Better safe than sorry. I recommend a general quarantine, at least until we - " She was interrupted by a coughing fit.

"Copy that Away team. Stand By."

"Bertrand to sickbay," Sara tapped the comms, but used the XO's name. "We have suspicion of a pathogen on the convoy ships. All returned crew and civilians should be quarantined till further notice. Have a look at what you can find for us."

"Make sure all Biofilters are up to date and continue long range scans." Elijah said as he checked the ships status on his arm display. "Bridge to Engineering, assess any damage and begin repairs."

"Number One you have the Bridge I'll be in ready room reporting to Command about this." The Captain got up and walked to his Ready Room. "Damn fine work everyone."

Sara, Acting First Officer, stood up and looked around, "All right people. It is mop up time. Tactical, keep us appraised of any new Pirate activity. Engineering, I want a repairs schedule. Science, everything you can tell us about Trellis IV. Medical, What is the status of the recovered crew and civilians? Are we safe? Can we bring our people back?"