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Career in motion

Posted on Tue Jul 7th, 2015 @ 12:48pm by Commander Bertrand Cuprum & Captain Elijah Michaels

Mission: Shoreleave and Repairs
Location: Ready Room, USS Victory
Timeline: Several hours after Escalation

Elijah sat at the desk in his Ready Room, with power being restored to the Ship and all of the repairs to be underway he had Starfleet to inform of the developments and also a small housekeeping matter to attend to.

With Victory still a fairly new Starship there were still some matters still to be ironed out.

"Lieutenant Cuprum please join me in my Ready Room." Elijah said pressing his Comm.

Bertrand was still at the Tactical station talking to his teams, "Yes, Level one diagnostic. I want bodies through every one of those jefferies tubes. Don't get lazy firing phasers; there's delicate components in there. Founders still have mass, so a mass spectrometer will pick up 80 something kilos out of place."

His com pin chimed the message. He cut the line to his team and responded to the pin, "On my way."

The walk to the ready room was significantly longer than most bridges, but Tactics was close to the Captain's room. The door opened for him and he walked quickly to the Captain's desk. his eyes took in the various PADDs with reports and the UFP logo on them, though he was careful not to read the contents.

"More bad news, is it, Captain," Bertrand grumbled, gesturing to the documentation from the Fleet.

Elijah nodded. "Pull up a Chair, Tea is there if you want to help yourself." He said looking up from his PADD. "Starfleet has been notified about the recent encounter with the Dominion and the missing Researchers."

"No thank you, sir," Bertrand replied, bracing himself for bad news. "Let me guess, they want us to leave it for now; lack of resources, diminished return on risk, etc."

Bertrand could tell Elijah was holding something back and his inquisitive mind was screaming at him to work it out.

Elijah nodded. "Pretty much, they're dispatching a couple of Ships to continue to investigate the Planet and nearby Systems." The Commander said to Bertrand. "They're also sending us back to New Kingston for repairs."

Bertrand harumphed, "Can't say I am happy with that. The investigator in me doesn't like unsolved problems. I am pretty sure there are a number of crew who feel they would like to pay the Dominion a few lumps for the serving we got, as well."

Bertrand watched the Co's face. He was pleased about... something.

"I'll tell helm to set a course. Was that all, sir?"

Elijah shook his head. "I am afraid not." He then looked at the chair opposite. "You may want to sit down for this next part," the Commander chuckled. "We're promoting you."

Bertrand was half way to the chair and froze. He wanted to believe he had miss heard but it was written all over the CO's lobes. He lowered himself the rest of the way to sitting while he considered his response.

"I was an ensign for ten years, then a Lieutenant (j.g.) for about another five. Been a Lieutenant for nearly ten years now. Tend not to find too many brass who are willing to put you up for promotion when you are involved with arresting flag officers."

"But you're different. I come aboard and completely strip out your software without presenting you evidence it is necessary, threaten to arrest many of your senior staff, have thrown you in the Brig in the past... and now you are promoting me. You've either got more balls Grumba than a Nausican fleet or you are naive. I don't think you are naive."

Then realization dawned on his face, "Ah! Oh, nicely played. When you get a second officer, he or she will be a Lieutenant Commander, and will need seniority, which will mean requiring me to transfer. Makes you look good, golden handshake to me, no stains on record. Brilliant! I will go and start packing... Well, truth be told I will stop trying to unpack. Who have you got transferring in as your new Second?"

"You," Elijah said to Bertrand with a serious look on his face and to his tone of voice. "You are the Second Officer, Bertrand. You have turned down what promotions you have been given in the past and have stayed well away from the politics of Rank and Position."

For a second time Bertrand Cuprum froze. In a tight voice he said, "Permission to speak freely, sir?"

"Granted," Elijah said to him with a smirk.

"Are you out of you mind?" he almost yelled. "A Second officer has to get on well with the crew. He has to have an ability to command. He's supposed to represent the ship in diplomatic function. What in the name of the nineteen moons of Saturn made you think of me?"

"The crew like you. The Senior Staff appreciate your hard work and dedication to your job," Elijah said to him. "You are an extremely well qualified Security Specialist and are a consistent professional."

Bertrand was gobsmacked. Finally he conceded, "Well, I don't see as I have much choice, but while I have the opportunity to speak freely, if you EVER try and put me in the role of Acting Captain I will personally bitch slap you, on the grounds I will not be striking a superior officer."

Elijah chuckled, "Just don't use the mechanical arm and we have a deal."

Lt Commander Bertran Cuprum rose from his chair, "I will replicate myself an extra pip. Have the crew been told yet?"

"No, they have not," the Commander said to him.

"I guess I'll do that then," Bertram considered. "It might be a good way to make connections."

He gave a sudden shudder as he remembered his dream. Then another thought occurred to him, "I don't have to start wearing Command Red do I? I have a thing about being a security officer in red. Superstition, maybe, but..."

"No, you still keep the Gold," Elijah smirked at the reaction, everybody seemed to say that.

"Well, then, if that is all," Bertrand frowned already deep in thought about the new role, "I will get back to the search. Need to make sure the Changeling didn't leave any nasty surprises when he left."

"Noted, have the Marines assist you......Commander." Elijah said grinning at the newly minted Bertrand.

Bertrand tried a smile, but it came out as a pained grimace before taking his leave back to the bridge.


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