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Clear Lake Park

Posted on Mon Feb 22nd, 2016 @ 2:07am by Lieutenant Mickey McClane & Commander Cor Cordale

Mission: Vipers and Scoundrels
Location: Holodeck 4/Clear Lake Park, Pasadena Tx.
Timeline: Backpost before takeoff.

Mickey McClane had gone off to the holodeck. He and his trusty dog Aladdin went to play with all the crap that had happened they hadn't had playtime. They had decided to bring their favorite program from earth. Clear Lake Park, a location on earth in Texas. Aladdin was running back as he caught the tennis ball and Mickey was releasing stress.

"Good Boy!" Mickey said as he rubbed Aladdin's Belly

"Aw, Right there!!!!" Mickey hit the sweet spot on Aladdin he then proceeded to get back up.

"Throw it in the lake" Aladdin said as was ready.

"Get ready, i am about to make the biggest throw on your life." Mickey fired the ball into the lake as he was smiling. Aladdin then jumped in the lake as he saw something go on with the holodeck. It was glitching with the frames of the real wall showing.

"Of all the days?" Aladdin said as he went back to mickey with the tennis ball.

=A=Cor? The holodeck is glitching........ Please, come and work your magic=A= Mickey called the resident thux to his playground.

=A= "Glitching, eh? I'm on the way." =A= Cordale called back over the comms, and headed out. Once he got to Holodeck 4, the first thing he did was check some of the minor settings, including the safeties. Mickey was a notorious prankster by this point, and the last thing Cordale really needed was to have a bucket of water dumped on him as soon as the door opened.

Ahhh, the classics.

Once he was assured of his safety, he opened the doors to the simulation chamber and gave a look around. "Cozy place. Nice lake, that's a lake right? Not a pond? I get those two mixed up a lot. I mean, how many ways can you name a large body of stationary water? You know what, nevermind. You said there was a glitch somewhere."

Mickey threw the tennis ball at the wall and what was the problem. "I thought everything was up to date? It seems that this holodeck in general want's to be a punk." Mickey showed him the glitchy walls

"Hmmm.. Now, first question... is there anyone else in here? Holodecks get weird with boundaries when there are folks spread out everywhere." Cor asked.

"No there is no one" Mickey said in short.

"Okay, so it's just us. Then... hmmm, the limiter shouldn't be this bad. Could just be a ... Computer, arch." and when the control archway appeared, Cordale isolated the glitched section and disabled the holoprojectors in that region, revealing the black and yellow wall behind it.

"Just gonna have a look. Was it only in this part, or were there other glitched areas about? If it's just here, that's an isolated issue but if it's in multiple locations I might have to run a reboot of the room and a diagnostic."

"Do what you need to do Cor, you are the resident thux here" Mickey said nicely

Cordale gave a nod, then went to the malfunctioning component and opened up a panel. From there, he worked his proverbial magic. Tightening this piece, rewiring that piece to that piece, a few moments waggling around his living hand when a nasty bit of current zapped him, a few Ferengi curse words...

A few minutes later, the panel was put back on, and Cordale implemented a quick reboot of the holodeck. Quick enough that the rest of the simulation remained intact, except for a little ripple through the fields and the water in the lake.

"There. That should have it. Give her a test and make sure, while I'm still here." Cor asked.

"Computer, restart holo-program Clear lake park." Mickey ordered the computer as the park was restored to it's original configuration. "Excellent, it works again well done"

Aladdin then ran to the lake and jumped in swimming. "Oh, Boy!" Aladdin said as he smiled

"Just another day in the life of mild-mannered Engineering." Cordale chuckled, then gave a look around the simulation, "It's pretty peaceful looking. Anyplace particular or just something you put together?"

"Actually, this park was in a town called Houston Texas. It was in Pasadena, just outside of the city. I always had come here, to me here in this park it was my home. Boy, I tell you Mr. Cor. I really loved this place" Mickey said then Aladdin came back as he dried himself up from the water and grabbed the tennis ball and walked to cor with the ball in his mouth.

"Sounds like a hell of a place, Earth." Cordale half-chuckled as he looked over the landscape. When Aladdin brought him the ball, the Thux picked it up and almost threw it with his prosthetic, but gave a chuckle. "Oops, almost threw this one over the horizon..." and he switched the ball to his right hand before giving it a good chuck.

"I grew up in a mine. First memories were a mine. Worst memories were a mine." The Thux said with a touch of gloom. "So, I do my best to make sure the better memories outnumber the bad ones."

"I don't blame you, i always come here when i could because this park has all the good memories here" Mickey said in short.

Cor gave a nod, then looked towards the Arch. "Well, my work here is done. Give me a call if anything else breaks."

"Thanks cor." Mickey said as he left and then Aladdin and Mickey Resumed playing


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