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Pranking the Engineer

Posted on Mon Mar 14th, 2016 @ 2:36am by Commander Cor Cordale & Lieutenant Mickey McClane

Mission: Vipers and Scoundrels
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: before the Conversation with Bertrand.

Mickey and Aladdin decided to go do some prancing around the ship. Not the way from before but more devilish and sneaky. He also needed to go talk to cor too. But, hopefully he won't be as mad when he was pranked.

"Boy Aladdin, i tell you what that really calmed me down. Now, it's time to go have some fun even though Berty is watching us 24/7 but has that stopped us before?" Mickey asked Aladdin

"Nope, no way" Aladdin said with a smile on his face.

After heading back to his quarters Mickey replicated a present with a whipped cream pie in it. The oldest joke box a pie slammed into your face. But he also made a cherry pie for all of the engineering staff afterwards Cor too.

They arrived in the engine room far away from the critical systems. Aladdin and Mickey then sat the trap as they did. They quickly hid in one of the empty boxes

The box laid there in wait.

"Special Delivery for Cor Cordale" The recording message on the box said.

The Thux padded about Engineering, trying to track down the recorded message. It was pretty far from anything critical, and almost as far from anything vaguely important. Though, there it was. A box, wrapped like a present, repeating the same message. "Okay, so what are you?" Cordale said as he approached the box. Was it a trick? Was it the Q Continuum, here to pester the lone Thux of the cosmos?

His answer came when he picked the box up to at least turn off the recorded message, and then THWAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPP! The spring loaded pie splattered across Cordale's face, splattering whipped cream all over his muzzle and everywhere from his ears to his chin. He stood there, silent and still as he came to terms with what just happened... he just got whipped cream'ed...

There was a hardy laugh coming from the box as the two pranksters came out and admit what they did. Mickey couldn't hold his belly hardy laughter Aladdin just smiled as they didn't care at least they got a laugh out of it but how the thux would take it i don't know

It started in silence. Then there was a chuckle. More of a gafaw, really, before it became a chuckle. Then it was a laugh. A good, hardy, honest laugh. He wiped away some of the whipped cream from his eyes with his living hand, before sampling it. Then he calmed down his laughter, but he had a good laugh there.

"Oh, no im caught..... Sigh. Admit i got you good" Mickey asked as he regained he senses and composure

It took a moment, but Cor found his voice after a few last minute chuckles. "No no, you got me. You got me." he admitted, "Though, a whipped cream pie? Where'd you find the schematics for this, on a cave wall drawing? You're really going old time pranks here. Though, old pranks are sometimes the best pranks. Nicely done."

"Gah, I'm gonna smell like a pastry all day. Still, could be worse. So, aside from letting me know you hold me in... pie regards... what's up?" Cordale threw in a pun so terrible it could curdle milk, judging from the groan that some of the other engineers that had come to investigate let out. "Ouch, sir. Engineering to Sickbay, Cor's on the Pun Path..." one of the crew hands went so far as to fake an injury.

"Yeah yeah. Laugh it up..." Cor said with a chuckle.

"While we were on the ship..... Aladdin, he found something that you probably are aware of by now if not well...." Mickey just stood quiet while Aladdin spoke.

"I was doing my routine check i found Latinum. What the heck do those Ambassadors want with that amount of money?" Aladdin just pondered.

"Really? How much we talking?" Cor was curious now.

"Money, that would last you a lifetime. But, i know money is non-existent anymore. But, imagine you could buy anything you want" Aladdin said to the chief engineer

"Correction Aladdin, the Federation has no economy but I assure you... once you get out there there certainly is a system of economy. Just cause humans got over it doesn't mean the rest of everyone did." Cor explained, by now having replicated himself a towel to remove the rest of the whipped cream.

"Trust me, I know all about how far some folks will go for riches."

"Im a dog, i don't know any better Cor." Aladdin shook his head. "Well, Cor, between you and me even though that wouldn't matter to me with that credit's of latinum. I would ask Starfleet to build a Constitution class refit vessel. No, i wouldn't name it Enterprise-2. But, just flying on a connie class would reek of awesomeness" Mickey smiled at that idea.

Cordale couldn't help but smirk, "I'd buy a fleet of ships, weld them all together, and call it a space station. Then I'd cover the whole thing in hologram projectors and turn it into a casino. Or a bar. Hell why not both." he chuckled. "It'd project my big grinning face out into space, like a big doofus, because I could afford it." he got lost in his dream for a moment. "And it'd be bright enough for Sil and Cal to see, no matter where they are."

He paused, and dabbed the corner of the towel at his eye. "Must'a gotten whipped cream in my eye."

"Yeah, but money doesn't exist in the 24th century anymore it's credit's now" Mickey said about the currency

"Doesn't matter what you call it, it's the idea behind it. I mean, if we all collectively decided to call 'Fire' something else, like 'Ketchup' or something, it wouldn't change the fact that it's warm and will burn you if you touch it. I mean sure, it'd sound silly as hell for me to run around yelling that Engineering is on Ketchup, but that's just the point. It's not the name, it's the idea behind something."

He gave a smile to the Ops officer. "Something about roses and thorns, am I right?"

"Indeed, well there is an impossible dream right now. I am attempting to make first contact with a woman on earth who's famous for her work named Allison Guinness. Who happens to be a positive person in life. Yet, i still wished nothing but good things for her." Mickey smiled and just sat down feeling the influence of good energy.

"It's only impossible if you quit. That's something the Mickey I know would say." the Thux said with a chuckle. "So, first contact with a woman?" Cordale teased, but then he relented, "Relax, I'm just teasing. Good luck chief, women are like a whole other species sometimes."

"indeed, but this one she just has that spunk about her i like. Though i am not mad she has a boyfriend which it doesn't bother me. i usually say hello to her every so often via subspace messages. She says hello back but hey" Mickey smiled but got up "Your right, i am not quitting though i would like to meet her one day. But you know what they say, women make men do strange things" Mickey Chuckled

"That they do." Cor could only agree. "That they do."

"Yeah, well i have to make sure to keep my imagination and reality from coming together you know. If that happened we would have a warp core breach" Mickey laughed a moment. "Thanks for hearing me out my friend it was nice talking about something else. Though i know reality has to come back to play. But, it was nice to get it out in the open. I wonder what the captain has planned? What do you think?" Mickey asked the thux nicely

"Hey, anytime chief. That's what friends are for, right?" the Thux gave a nod, "As for what the Captain has planned, I don't even think the ship's counselor could get inside that head. I'm sure we'll find out well and soon enough. Though, that much Latinum worries me. That's a looooooooot of currency."

"If I find out before you, I'll let you know." Cor said with a smirk, "And vice versa, okay?"

"Of Course." Mickey then pulled out his peace offering a Cherry Pie. "No, not to throw at. You get to eat it of course and share it with the staff OK? i know right now with that prank..... But anyways. Keep me apprised i will too later" Mickey said as he and Aladdin left the room

Cor watched Mickey and Aladdin leave the Engineering bay, though he got pranked he had the prize. "Okay guys, everyone line up and get a slice." as he brought the pie into his office. "We'll all take ten. I'd rather not scrape cherry goop out of the intermix chamber."


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