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Strategic Operations Meeting *Backpost*

Posted on Sat May 6th, 2017 @ 5:04pm by Captain Elijah Michaels & Lieutenant Commander Ziyal Tajor & Lieutenant Tarlee

Mission: The Trial of Cor Cordale
Location: Strategic Operations Office

Ziyal looked around the office, getting a feel for it, she would want to change things, the lights were too bright and it was a bit cold, just like everywhere else on the ship. She wondered how far she could get away with changing it, the lighting was simple enough, just tell it to dim when she was alone. However, she did not want to bake her fellow crew members. She went over to the lights and turned them down to a more comfortable level, smiling to herself about taking the first step in making the room hers.

"What's the story from the top?" Tarlee asked as he noticed Ziyal adjusting the settings. The Bolian knew who she was so it wasn't like he was totally in the dark.

Ziyal stopped fiddling with the settings, putting them back where they had been before turning back to Tarlee. "Officially? Just a usual rotation of officers. Nothing to see here. You've been on the ship for the whole Jennari affair, you are probably the most knowledgeable about the threat, so that's why they want you back at headquarters. Given that the Cosmos is not going to be effective for a long time and I also have been reading all of the reports about the Jennari, I'm the logical person to replace you."

The Lieutenant nodded. "Can't argue with that." Tarlee commented as he stepped into the Office. "Though as the Gamma Shift Officer of the Watch I can't go just yet."

Ziyal nodded, welcoming him in, and sitting down. "Not just yet, and I'm glad of that, much as they need you there, I need as much experienced help as I can get on the analysis. Nothing is adding up, and I can't help but feel we're still waiting for the other shoe to drop."

Tarlee looked around. "Lieutenant Zi used to have his Rigellian artwork on that back wall before he opted to take that job on Rigel 7." Tarlee commented pointing to that back wall.

Ziyal nodded considering, "I've always enjoyed paintings, I have a few pieces that I've done that I might put back there. What did you do with it?"

"The painting? Zi took it with him said it was worth some latinum." Tarlee said with a shrug.

Ziyal nodded, "Good paintings an be worth quite a bit, but I meant the office. What did you do with it, to make it yours?"

Tarlee shrugged. "It was never my Office, I was never Chief of Strategic Operations." Tarlee sat down in the vacant seat opposite Ziyal. "I prefer Gamma Shift, I like the Bridge far better than I like the office work."

Ziyal frowned for a moment, "Sorry, I must have misread something, I thought you were." She shook her head as if to get rid of a fly. "When it comes to the Bridge, I'm something of the opposite. I took the Kobiashi Maru at the Academy, but I find being on the bridge there are too many distractions. I'd rather settle down in my office or somewhere quiet with a report and a cup of Coffee."

The Bolian nodded. "I used to be an Operations Officer on the Normandy before I came here, I served with Captain Michaels when he used to be a Commander."

Ziyal nodded, "Ah, ok. So what was he like back then?" She asked, always curious about her commanding officer.

"Same as he is now though he didn't have a beard back then." Tarlee chuckled. "He used to the XO of Normandy and he was damn good at that, then our Captain retired and they gave it to Michaels."

Ziyal nodded, "and when he got the Victory, you came on over with him." She summarized.

"Precisely, Strategic Operations is part of the Command Track so I transferred over to assume the officer of the watch post and moved from Operations to Command." Tarlee said with a nod.

Ziyal thought for a moment, "Makes sense, where do you see yourself going from here?"

Tarlee shrugged. "I'll stay here and learn what I can for now but I go somewhere else. Not many can say they served on a Sovereign Class as a Watch Officer."

Ziyal nodded, "No not many, but the best are always few in number." She paused for a moment, "I've been asking about you a bit, so let me talk about myself for a moment. I'm Cardassian. Not just physically, but culturally. The colony I was born on has been a part of the Federation for only a few decades. There are some in Starfleet who still harbor resentment against Cardassians for the Union's actions before and during the Dominion war. In fact, in some places, I hear they are still stirring up trouble. I hope that is not going to be a problem for our professional relationship."

Tarlee shook his head. "Our old Helmsman was Half Cardassian and my mother was part of the Corps of Engineers assigned to Cardassia after the war." The Blue skinned Bolian smiled. "I hold no grudges or malice towards your people."

Ziyal smiled, just as she expected of him. "I wish everyone shared their view." She said wistfully before returning to the business at hand. "After I graduated from the Academy, I was assigned to Starfleet Headquarters. Most of what I did was analysis work, but it's very different from the kind of work that is done out here by Strategic Operations. My tour aboard the Cosmos was fraught with other concerns. So I'm not going to pretend I know everything out here. If you think I'm wrong or there is something that I'm missing, go ahead and speak up."

"Understood." Tarlee said to Tajor.


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