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Messages in the night

Posted on Mon Aug 28th, 2017 @ 4:38pm by Rear Admiral Tim Goddard & Captain Elijah Michaels

Mission: Awakening
Location: Captains Quarters, Deck Two

The Comm buzzed loudly in the quiet hum of the Captains Personal Quarters. Elijah rolled over from his slumber to lean over to the intercom. "Michaels here."

"Sorry to wake you Sir but you have an incoming subspace call from Admiral Goddard, he's requested it to be a priority." Ensign Baxter said over the Channel.

With a yawn Elijah sat up and moved to his desk. "Patch it through to my terminal Ensign." He then looked at his Replicator. "Tea, hot."

After a momentary delay the symbol of Starfleet Command appeared on the terminal followed by the image of Goddard. "Morning Captan, I know its early on your end but I don't think this matter could wait any longer." He said to Elijah on the screen.

"You've got me up in the early hours of the morning so I know whatever it is it has to be important." Elijah said as he sipped his tea. "So what is it?"

Goddard paused and then began. "Starfleet Intelligence has received reports that a Jennarri Inquisition Education Fleet has taken control of one of the Colonies along the edge of the Frontier." The Admiral relayed the information to Elijah. "From their location they can make inroads into Federation Space."

"How is that possible? Last I heard they had gone into Cardassian Space and arrived on the Doorstep of Romulus?" The Captain asked curiously.

Goddard shrugged. "We can only speculate, but you have new orders, once your Arbitration is completed you are to make haste to the Shipyards at Epsilon Sigma and meet me there." Goddard messed with a PADD. "I cant go over the full details with you at this present moment but I can explain everything at Epsilon Sigma."

"Aye Sir, I'll have the Ship diverted right away." The Captain said to Goddard. "Tim why do I get the feeling this is part of something much larger?"

"Sorry Elijah but this is need to know, and right now you are on the periphery until you get here. Goddard out."

The line then went dead leaving Elijah to sit in the darkness of his Quarters nursing his cup of tea. He knew that whatever it was it had to be important. He got up from his seat and moved to his Wardrobe it was time to go to the bridge and go to Sigma Epsilon.


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