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Welcoming the exchange

Posted on Mon Aug 28th, 2017 @ 5:00pm by Captain Elijah Michaels & Gunnery Sergeant Val Seran

Mission: Awakening
Location: Ready Room, USS Victory

Elijah sat behind the desk in his ready room. The Captain had a ton of work in regards to the situation with the thinking engine and the implications for the fleet and as such it meant that he couldn't afford to lose time but then something caught his eyes. As part of the agreement it resulted in an exchange, one officer from the accords spending time on Victory and another one again at a later date.

"Val Seran will you please report to you the Ready Room." Elijah said as he pressed the comm on his chair.

"On my way, Captain." sounded Val's reply. It wasn't long before the doorchime rang.

"Come in." Elijah said as he looked towards his door.

At that the two forms of Val Seran stepped inside, standing at attention. Two sisters they resembled, but still just one mind, one personality. The two bodies were almost identical, the only identifying marks being one form's prosthetic arm, and a somber black armband with gold trim on that body's natural arm. "Val Seran reporting as requested, Captain." spoke both in unison.

"Please at ease." The Captain said as he looked at the Pair. "First off welcome to the USS Victory, I hope this exchange will lead to many more between our people." he sat back in his Chair. "Secondly it has been decided that per your experience and abilities you shall be assigned to Captain Jones and our Marine contingent aboard the Ship."

"Thank you Sir." spoke one form, the one with still both her natural arms. The two relaxed, standing at ease. "Your ship is very impressive, Captain." She added, a bit of awe in her voice. "Largest and most powerful I've ever been on."

"She can hold her own." The Captain responded with a sense of pride. "We are explorers first and foremost but the ever changing landscape of the Galaxy requires us to be able to look after ourselves."

He then handed the Pair a PADD. "Based on what little we have been able to understand of your Species and your military structure we have assigned you an equivalent rank fitting your position in your own hierarchy."

"Thank you Sir." She spoke again, still standing at rest. While Elijah might notice that both forms breathed in sync, it was still only one of them who spoke, the one who still had both her natural arms. The other form adjusted her breathing to match that of the speaking body.

Ordinarily this would be a domain for the XO. But given the unique exchange it only seemed fitting that Elijah conduct the transition. "Here is your Quarters assignment in Marine Country, your first port of call will be Captain Jones and Lieutenant T'rizan, I'd also suggest replicating yourself a Uniform."

"Or two." Val smiled. "I hope the computer can account for the Dalacari physiology." she mused. "I will get a uniform and report to Captain Jones and Lieutenant T'riz - ... T'rizan. My apologies. Some of these names are a challenge for me to learn." Now the other body spoke up as the first fell quiet, the intonation and voice were exactly the same between them, to the point where even a computer would have trouble telling the bodies apart. "Now that I'm here, is there anything about the Dalacari or myself you wish to know, Sir?"

"No I do believe that will be all, I look forward to learning of your progress and hopefully our progress with you." The Captain then smiled. "You're dismissed."

"Sir." Both spoke simultaneously, offering a salute, then about-facing and exiting the ready room in file.

With that, Elijah returned to his work. He was sure that their guest would prove highly useful in the months to come. Especially with the threat of the Jennarri looming even closer.


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