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Closing statement

Posted on Mon Aug 28th, 2017 @ 8:53pm by Commander Cor Cordale & Captain Elijah Michaels

Mission: Awakening
Location: Ready Room,

".....That's pretty much it gentlemen our Arbitration is now officially over and you are all free to go about your business within the Quadrant." Elijah said as he sat back in chair as he looked towards his guests.

To one side, that drab grey rabbit Kallim stood. To the other, the twin forms of the Dalacari General Overseer Tio Dalla. The lot of them seemed quite relaxed and to a point relieved.

"On behalf of the Republic, Captain, I'd like to thank you. Not only was your arbitration fair and just, but your respect towards our two people speaks volumes about..."

"... how the Federation not only handles any dispute, but welcomes those of differing cultures. I'll be including the full transcript of this in my next report back to Dalacar, and..."

"... my recommendation that the peoples of the Federation can be trusted."

Kallim gave a nod at the end of this, "I couldn't agree more Captain. The way your team handled themselves aboard the Razor's Gale impressed the Shipmaster. My own personal experience in this has been nothing but positive. Your crew is both a courteous guest and a generous host while not closing off their minds to new peoples and new experiences. I'll be making a full report of these events as well, and I'll indicate in them that in my opinion, the Ts'usugi way of life will not be compromised by the Federation. We will not be forced to abandon our ways, nor will our ideas and technologies be ripped from us by greedy hands."

"Your engineers and scientists are curious allies, not jealous thieves." he said, and it sounded like a compliment. A dignified one at that.

"Now, before we finish patting you on the back, Captain..." Tio Dalla snuck in, "... there is the matter of Article Fourty Seven."

"Compensation for duties rendered." Kallim took a pause, "The arbitration party is allowed to request compensation for their time and any resources. Fuel, energy expenditure, travel, and so on. Since we are, to be accurate, a little out of our own back yard our options of recompensation are limited BUT... we are not the people who would allow this act to go unnoticed. We are duty bound." he said with a smile. It was odd to see a Ts'usugi smile so honest and so unrestricted.

"I have spoken with the Shipmaster about our limits and our options. We're prepared to offer this ship usage of the Buoy Network for three of your months to facilitate communications with any colonies and ships you have in the Delta Quadrant, and as the Shipmaster put it... He owes you a favor."

Tio Dalla gave a pair of nods, "Since your propulsion and reactor systems are similar to our own, we can offer you a trade of high-energy plasma or a canister or two of Anti-Matter..."

"... to cover the time and energy needed to host the Thinking Engine here on your ship. We'll also agree to give you copies of the technical schematics for the ..."

"... Thinking Engine and the Drone fighters and security forces we use." and then the pair of them gave a smile, "And not to be outdone by our good friends here..."

"... consider us in your debt as well. A favor, from across the gulf of the stars. Let me know if you need anything that I can assist with."

With a smile the Captain nodded. "I humbly and graciously accept your offers on behalf of the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet." He knew that it would take time to form a true dialogue with both races but in time he saw them as becoming exceptional members of the Federation. "I also have a gift for you both."

The Captain produced a pair of PADDS. "In an exchange of good faith I have had the historical records of the Federation downloaded to these devices in your respective languages, it seems only fitting that you learn more about us and the diversity of the Federation whilst traversing the stars."

The PaDDs were accepted by each of the delegates. One glance, and then a shared chuckle between them as they exchanged PaDDs. "Seems I got your's." Tio said with a smirk, while Kallim only chuckled, "I could always use the refresher course."

Once their little situation was resolved, Tio gave a nod from one of his forms, "This is an excellent gift, thank you so much. I'll be sure to send this along with my report for the official archives, and to help the Republic make an informed decision..."

"... as to our future with your Federation."

Kallim could only nod in agreement. "Likewise. I have no doubt that the Emperor will want to consider this, but I also have no doubt that this will only aid in the final decision. I suppose the only questions remaining are do you have anything you want clarified or considered off the record?" to which Tio only gave a surprised glance, "I didn't think you did anything off the record."

"Times change, my good Overseer." Kallim responded with a smirk.

Elijah nodded. "In an unofficial capacity not related to my duty as Arbiter I would like to keep this next bit off the record." Elijah then handed each of them another PADD. "All relevant tactical information on the Jennarri and the recent information on their Inquisition." He sat back and remained deadpan. "Consider this one a personal Gift from me."

Each of them too their respective PaDDs and gave the information therein a quick glance. "The ... Jennarri you say?" Kallim clarified. "That's a new name by our records."

"Our's too." Tio confirmed, indicating that both ships had been lucky not to encounter the Jennarri as of yet. "Now, off the record, we could run a few diagnostics on the newly installed Thinking Engine and..."

"... send them to you, in the interest of your role as arbitration. Of course, these diagnostics would need to be run after we load these tactical readouts..."

"... into our computer."

Now it was Kallim's turn to be impressed by the displayed shrewdness of the Dalacari.

"If such an action were to take place then I suggest it be forwarded to my Engineers, of course that is only a hypothetical suggestion." Elijah said smiling.

"If such a thing were to happen." Kallim said with an amused smirk, deciding to hold off on the good read of this new alien threat. "And on a slightly more personable note, you've been a gracious and excellent host. You do your Federation proud."

Tio couldn't agree more. "He'll say it far more elegantly than I ever will." and with that the Dalacari and the Ts'usugi actually shared a chuckle.

"Well then gentlemen I wish you good fortune in the journey to come." Elijah said smiling as he got up from his desk.

Kallim gave a bow as Elijah stood, while one of Tio's forms offered a hand across the space of his desk. "Thank you, for everything now and to come." Tio stated, as though it were a customary farewell. Kallim rose from his bow and gave a nod, "Good luck and good fortune Captain." then Tio stopped for a moment...

"There is one other matter. Slight perhaps but, well. There's a security officer of mine, a protector and a sniper named Val Seran. There was an expressed ..."

"...interest in a cultural exchange, and perhaps she'd be slightly more useful to you tactically than aboard our craft. With your permission and consent, perhaps ..."

"...such an exchange could be permitted. Should she be a problem, or if such a request is too much for our relationship, just let me know." Tio brought to the front.

"I have no objection to it at all." Elijah responded politely.

With that, the pair took their leave. Once back at the Shuttlebay, Kallim and his colleges returned to the Ivory Chariot, and from there back to their craft. While Tio and the other Dalacari on board opted for the more direct approach of a beam-out transmat. The Ts'usugi lingered for a moment, as though to just ensure that the beam out was a success, before boarding their shuttle and heading out.

Once cleared for take-off, the shuttle departed the bay, headed out and setting a course for the Razor's Gale. With a build-up of power around the main drive, the Blink Engine pulsed to life and the gulf of stars between the two ships was crossed in a heartbeat.


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