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Posted on Tue Aug 29th, 2017 @ 11:33pm by Captain Elijah Michaels & Warrant Officer Felix Kilvarn & Lieutenant Commander Alec Wescott & Ensign Courtney Baxter

Mission: When the Sinful strike back
Location: Bridge, USS Victory

Baxter sat at Ops. The slim blonde Ensign monitored her Station and had diverted the call from Admiral Goddard to Captain Michaels Quarters. She then yawned. "Sir, time is 04:15 Hours and Ship reports nothing out of the ordinary."

"Good, thank you Ensign. Remain on current course." Alec said, getting out of the middle seat on the bridge. It had been a while since he'd taken the night/morning watch on the bridge, and was finding it a little boring. However it was necessary. He walked over to the bridges replicator and ordered a Sweet Black Coffee. That should keep him going for the night.

A few minutes later the Turbolift doors to the Bridge opened and Elijah stepped foot onto the Bridge. "Helm lay in a course to the Epsilon Sigma Shipyards, Warp 8." He then walked down to his Chair. "Wescott I'll see you in my Ready Room, Ensign Baxter you have the Bridge."

"Aye Captain." Alec said, heading over to the Captains office, and walking in. "Morning Captain, you're in early." He said, smiling.

"Tea, hot." Elijah said to his replicator. "Yes well I've had a message come through from Command and that's means it's wake up time." He motioned for the Security Chief to take a seat. "What do you know of the Jennarri?"

"Not much i'm afraid Captain." Alec said, taking a seat with his coffee. "I'm getting the feeling our next task may involve them?" He asked.

Elijah nodded. "About a year ago Starfleet received a mysterious signal from the Gollum Expanse, we didn't send a ship until a few months ago." The Captain said as he sipped his tea. "The USS Seattle was sent to check it out and chart the region, unfortunately they were attacked and destroyed, we went to find them."

"Do we know who attacked them?" He asked.

He nodded. "The Jennarri Inqusition, a race that hadn't been heard from since the 22nd Century." Elijah slid him a PADD. "They launched an Assault on the Victory, almost destroyed us and our best shot barely scratched the surface. And when they had us cornered they sent aboard three representatives with a series of documents and an ultimatum."

"So they have powerful weapons and strong shields....this is gonna be fun then." Alec said sarcastically.

The Captain nodded. "They see the Galaxy as a sinful place, and in need of a cleanse. They have already sent emissaries to the Cardassians and the Romulans with similar messages, however our ultimatum has ran out and they're slowly making inroads into Federation Space."

"And what about other races, have any of them given us some support?" Alec asked, nodding.

Elijah shrugged. "The Romulans sent a fleet to meet the Jennarri including Remans, the Empire is currently taking the issue to the Senate." He returned to another Sip of his tea. "The Cardassians mobilised every Starship and Freighter they could get, including those provided by the Bajorans. Truth is both races are in no shape to mount an offensive."

Alec nodded. "So, what's the plan?" He asked.

"We proceed to Epsilon Sigma Shipyards and find out what our orders are." He said to the Lieutenant. "Its top secret enough that it cant be transmitted over subspace, so we are going in person." He yawned and then sat back in his chair. "I want you to wake all the Senior Staff and have them report to the Bridge within the hour, you'll have the Bridge until the XO or the next in line arrives."

Alec nodded. "Aye sir." Alec said, standing and heading for the door.

With that brief conversation over. Elijah returned to his work. It was early but he still had things to do.


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