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A tale of three Captains

Posted on Mon Sep 18th, 2017 @ 6:23pm by Captain Elijah Michaels & Commander Bertrand Cuprum & Commander Cor Cordale

Mission: When the Sinful strike back
Location: Transporter Room 3

Eijah stood by in the Transporter Room of the USS Victory, on the eve of what many had already considered to be a one way trip into a Fleet of Jennarri Ships.

He had faith in his Crew to get the job done and show the Jennarri why they were the toughest group of Officers this side of the Alpha Quadrant. But right now his attention drew to something much more special. His two closest friends and confidents were undertaking something truly special.

Bertrand was wearing a newly minted, command red uniform. Unfortunately it was on him and looked rumpled almost as soon as he had put it on. He arrived at the transporter room, adjusting his customary frown. When he hit the wave of concern emanating from the Captain he looked up.

"Well, Elijah," he harrumphed. "Looks like they got me in a Captain's chair AGAIN. At least there is a good chance I won't survive this time."

"I know that's a lie." Elijah chuckled. "You'll be back chewing my ear off before you know it."

Bertrand looked straight at the Captain, "My job is to get the Jenari to shoot at us enough times to overload their weapons. Even a single shot will take us out. I have to present an obvious target and be lucky a lot. They only have to be lucky once. I don't think I can be defined as a lucky person."

"You survived the Borg, the Dominion and your own head." Elijah said to Bertrand. "If that doesn't make you lucky then I guess none of us ever will be."

Bertrand clenched and unclenched his artificial right hand, "Survived the Borg. I have heard that said before. I am still not convinced. Still, a man who goes looking for death, usually finds it. I have others who I need to keep alive. I just wish I had the sort of faith the Jenari have in their cause."

"Don't say that." Cordale was silent up until that point. "That's not the kind of faith you want. That faith puts shackles on hopes and dreams." the Thux said with a touch of conviction in his tone. "Don't give them that shot. As for me, I'm going to need a red carpet to the planet so make sure you give them plenty of hell. I'll do what I can on my end."

Cordale put up a lot of bravado, but on the inside he was scared out of his mind.

"We'll trade stories once we all get back."

Elijah nodded. "Don't let that Red Uniform go to your head just yet Cor, when this is all said and done I'll need you back here." He said extended his hand to the Thux. "Good luck to you Cpatain."

"Trust me, Red clashes with the fur. I'll be back in Gold before you know it." Cordale said as he took Elijah's hand in his living hand, and gave it a firm clasp and shake. "Good luck to you too, Captain."

"You'll have your hole, Captain," Bertrand shook hands in turn, knowing the turmoil the other was going through.

"I'll see you both when it is all said and done." Elijah said to the two of them. "This isn't the end for any of us."


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