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Preparing to Pioneer

Posted on Mon Sep 25th, 2017 @ 11:13am by Captain Elijah Michaels & Commander Cor Cordale & Lieutenant Commander Ziyal Tajor & Ensign Todd Bailey

Mission: When the Sinful strike back
Location: USS Pioneer

Cordale and his party arrived on the pads of Transporter room 2, though didn't remain there for very long. After a brief walk to the bridge, they were greeted by the current senior staff of
The computer chirped in acceptance. "Command transfer initiated. Commander Cordale, please authenticate." and Cordale gave a nod. "Cordale Foxtrot Spaghetti Seven Four."

The computer chirped again. "Command transfer complete."

"Spaghetti?" Captain Mitchel asked, now sporting a smirk. "Yeah, I was hungry when I made the code. Told them it was a bad idea. Ziyal, take the chair. Everyone to your places. Captain Jones..." Cordale turned to the marine captain, "The landing party is your party. I have no right to give them orders while you're here." he offered that courtesy to the Marine. "Chirp the ship wide? I'd like to make an announcement."

"Attention crew of the USS Pioneer. This is Commander Cor Cordale in acting command. We have been chosen to lead the vanguard to reclaim the freedom and safety of our own citizens. A threat looms over all we hold dear, a threat called the Jennarri. They are zealots in the worst terms, who will stop at nothing until our way of life is wiped from history, and all is as their way of life demands it. This is colonial assimilation, and if we do not stop them, it will mean the end of the Federation. The end of freedom." the Thux paused.

"This ship will lead the charge. We are the first wave. We will break their line, we will land upon the compromised world and we will take back what was stolen from the people. Polish up, cause we're gonna wear their asses on our boots." he allowed himself a bit of a feral smirk, akin to a silent growl in posture.

"We have two hours to prepare. All station leads are to provide readiness reports in one hour, which will give us the second hour to prep. May the Source be with you. Bridge out." and Cordale cut the ship wide.

Elliot looked to Cor. "Permission to take a Station Sir?" The young Diplomat asked the Commander.

Cordale gave Elliot a nod and a smirk, "By all means. I'll admit that I don't know your specialties aside from Diplomacy, so find a spot that fits your niche."

No-one appeared to be taking the Tactical station Todd noted as he looked around him. Not being the presumptuous type, he waited for a few moments to see if anyone would slip into the seat. It appeared that it was going to remain empty, so he gingerly moved forward and lowered himself gently into the seat.

Once seated, he again waited a few moments to ascertain as to whether he would get bawled out for sitting down there, however, it appeared that there was no reaction whatsoever. " is, eh... this is Ensign Todd Bailey" he began, his voice lifting, lowering and cracking several time as he spoke "requesting access to USS Pioneer bridge Tactical station please."

==^==Authorisation code required==^== the computer replied.

"Ah, yes, authorisation, right..." Todd said, butterflies now doing a hands turn in his stomach "authorisation Bailey Sigma Alpha three three one Sigma!"

The computer chirruped then replied ==^==Authorisation accepted, access to USS Pioneer bridge Tactical station granted==^==

Todd swallowed hard, then said "Ok...", then a little bit quieter "Ok..."

He began checking the Tactical status and inventory of the ship.

Ziyal took her place in the first officer's chair. She tapped open the control panel and input her security authorization code quickly. Information about the ship's systems came pouring through the small screen on the chair. Ziyal got the chair controls configured the way that she wanted them. Then she took her padd and linked it to the chair so that the two of them could share information more efficiently.

Elliot had taken over at Ops. The Diplomatic Lieutenant had examined the Systems of the Pioneer when his console lit up. "Captain we have a fleet wide message from Captain Michaels."

"Bring it up, main screen." Cor motioned to the large viewing screen on the bridge. The blank starfield and the view of the assembled fleet was soon replaced by Captain Michaels' face.

=/\= "All Ships this is the Captain. We are about to embark upon a mission that has not been seen since the very end of the Dominion War. We are going into battle against an Enemy like no other. They are not motivated by currency or a quest for glory or honour, they seek to oppress the very beliefs and freedoms that we hold dear. The Jennarri Inquisition want to rid the Galaxy of the corruption and sin that has plagued countless powers for centuries. They see us as needing salvation not from the unknown dangers but from ourselves. I say that our flaws and imperfections are what make us unique and diverse, they see us as sinful. Well I say that it is time that the sinful strike back." =/\=the Pioneer, who all stood to welcome them. Captain Mitchel took the initiative of his crew and greeted them for the duty they came to perform.

"Captain Mitchel?" Cordale confirmed, and the dark skinned man gave a nod, "Yes." he answered with little extra. He knew what was about to happen, and if he could thank the Thux out loud for pulling him out of this fire, he would. But that would look bad in front of the crew.

"I'm here to relieve you of command of the USS Pioneer, effective 2000 hours." and Cordale handed the gentleman a PaDD with the orders. After inspecting the orders briefly, Captain Mitchel gave a nod, "I am relieved. Computer, transfer command codes to Commander Cor Cordale. Authorization Tango Niner Whiskey Yankie."

Cordale gave a smirk and a nod, "With respects to the more religious folks aboard, let's go bring the sin to them."

Todd was disgusted by the comment the Commander had just made, though kept his thoughts to himself. There was a distinct chance a few people on the bridge were religious, and though not zealous like the Jennari, they could be of a mind that sin was wrong. Yet here was their 'Commanding Officer' saying they were to be sinners and that they were to take that sin forward....

Ziyal was one of those religious people, a priestess in fact, and she felt slightly irked by it. A core part of her religion was not becoming 'evil'. On the other hand, the Federation was formally secular and she knew that neither of them really meant anything bad towards her about it. She let it pass, like she did most times when religion was talked about.

"Helm..." Cordale started, looking out the viewscreen, "... move us into ready position, and signal Captain Michael our readiness."

Keller had taken the Ops Station. "Aye Captain signalling the Victory now." The Diplomat had taken control of a Starship before but never in battle, first time for everything I guess.


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