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Preparing to be Fearless

Posted on Mon Sep 25th, 2017 @ 11:13am by Captain Elijah Michaels & Commander Bertrand Cuprum & Lieutenant Hel Samedi & Lieutenant Alexander Vickers & Lieutenant Valeria Mordin

Mission: When the Sinful strike back
Location: USS Fearless

Bertrand strode along the corridor from the Fearless transporter room to it's bridge. The entire ship was only four decks deep and no where was far form anywhere else. When he stepped onto the bridge he immediately realised why his team had been given the command of her. Most of the bridge crew were ensigns or junior crewman. The person manning the Captain's chair was a frightened looking junior grade lieutenant.

"They put me in charge of a playgroup," Bertrand muttered to himself.

Striding to the Cpatain's chair he addressed the young woman, "You are relieved, lieutenant. Make the appropriate notes in the logs."

He then turned to the crew who came with him, "Hel, you have 110 minutes left to get to know this ship, plus any flight time. There is a lot of power in them but they are under a lot of strain, and we are going to push them as hard as they can go. Go!"

"On it!" called Hel as she turned away upon materializing, finding her way to the engineering spaces, brushing her hand over Valeria's in passing. She had a PaDD with her with the layout of the ship and assorted need-to-know pieces of information on the ship's warp core quirks and power assignments, phaser specifics, torpedo armament, etc.

"Val, you're on science, but we are going to be focusing on looking for shield strain and coordinating our attack. get a comms relay with the other ship's officers. they are going to be relying on our attack instructions, and I am going to be relying on your ability to smell a weakness in them."

The brief contact brought a soft smile to the rabbitess's features as she turned towards Bertrand, "Aye sir. I'll set up a comms hub with the local cluster, coordinate successful strategies, and see if I can filter out what doesn't work." she mused that now she knew how a Thinking Engine felt. "Anything my sensors turn up, I'll send your way."

"McCarver, your on weapons. I want an unrelenting stream of fire on those ships from our guns. Keep torpedoes on a tight spread. The key here is to keep our ships spread out, but our fire concentrated. Let's see if we can't 'Turn the tables' on the Jennari."

Jamie smirked at the small, almost father like, joke. turning on the balls of her feet, she set her eyes on the softly glowing screens and set to work, softly humming.

Bertrand sat down in the Captain's chair and pressed the internal comms button.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. we are finalizing pre-combat checks now. In a little under two hours we will be moving to engage a superior force. Our task is to draw fire, and distract the capital ships from our assault on the planets surface. We are putting ourself and our ship directly into danger for the sake of others."

"For many of you, this is the first time you have been in a conflict like this. If we perform our tasks well, then it will probably not be the last, and some day you may be on a bridge instructing a new generation of frightened crew."

"I cannot say if this will be our last journey, but i can say that with our actions we choose not to live in a world where the Jenarri are able to enslave and subjugate members of the Federation. It will not be our lot to stand and watch as planets are felled and people are burned because we were too afraid to act. We are the Fearless, and we will be fearless in battle."

He closed the channel.

"Mr Vickers, take us to yellow alert."

"Aye sir," Alex said while pressing the appropriate commands. Moments later, the indicator lights surrounding the tiny bridge turned to denote the status.

"Permission to come aboard?" Lieutenant Tarlee called from the doorway of the Fearless. "Lieutenant Tarlee reporting for Duty Captain."

"Didn't know if we were going to be leaving without you, Mr Tarlee. Report to opps. we need a set of flight plans that will distribute our flight paths across all ships. We don't want anyone to be an obvious command ship. Coordinate with flight control and tactical, and get me some attack patterns. include fall back contingencies for ships that are hit but somehow not destroyed."

He addressed the bridge, "The pattern we have seen to date involves a single heavy blast which will cripple shields and power. Any who have read about the Breen weapons used during the Dominion war in your history lectures will know the sort of thing we are facing. As soon as a ship is crippled we will need others to take the place, to buy that ship enough time to limp clear or regain power. I don't need to remind you that the Defiant class is very overpowered and prone to catastrophic power failures."

"Tarlee, how many ships, and of what class are going to be involved in our assault?"

"Can't give you exact numbers Sir but I can tell you we've got a large number of Defiants and Sabers with Miranda's which make up a bulk of the fleet." Tarlee said examining the readout. "Steamrunners, Intrepids, Akira and Nebula a Constitution Refit as well as Victory and Admiral Goddards Flagship which is an Ambassador."

"We want to keep the Nebula, Ambassador and Victory ships at the rear. They are likely to be the most tempting targets. Intrepids are going to be used as landing craft. so we open a passage to the surface for them using the Constitution and Akira class. Steamruners are good at long range so leave them in support of the bigger ships. Defiants and Sabre fighters will try and engage the big ship directly, that is all we will have with us once the shooting starts. Hopefully some of the Intrepid will join us once they deliver their payload. Keep the fighters between the Jenari capitol ships and our big guys. Make it hard for them to keep a target lock. Defiants will move from the flank and concentrate all fire on a single mark."

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. People were dying today, there was no way of avoiding this now.

"Commander I'm receiving a fleetwide message from Captain Michaels on the Victory." Tarlee commented from his station.

"On screen," Bertrand responded. "Let's hear it."

=/\= "All Ships this is the Captain. We are about to embark upon a mission that has not been seen since the very end of the Dominion War. We are going into battle against an Enemy like no other. They are not motivated by currency or a quest for glory or honour, they seek to oppress the very beliefs and freedoms that we hold dear. The Jennarri Inquisition want to rid the Galaxy of the corruption and sin that has plagued countless powers for centuries. They see us as needing salvation not from the unknown dangers but from ourselves. I say that our flaws and imperfections are what make us unique and diverse, they see us as sinful. Well I say that it is time that the sinful strike back." =/\=

Bertrand sat back in the command chair, "Helm take us out. Tarlee, signal the fighters, let's get the final prep done en route."


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