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Messages over Subspace

Posted on Sat Oct 7th, 2017 @ 2:12pm by Rear Admiral Tim Goddard & Captain Elijah Michaels & Commander Bertrand Cuprum & Commander Cor Cordale

Mission: When the Sinful strike back
Location: Conference Room Deck 1

The Conference Room of the Victory was littered with Holographic avatars representing the various Captains within the Fleet on their approach to meet the Jennarri.

Elijah had taken a seat at the head of the table as usual, though it didn't really matter in truth, Elijah had the Avatars of Cordale to his left and Bertrand to his right. Goddard was stood before the assembled group.

"What's the Status of the fleet?" The Admiral asked Elijah as his avatar flickered.

"Fleet is at 97% effectiveness at last count." Elijah commented. "We've got all Ships at Yellow Alert and have preparedness drills underway."

"Good." He turned to Cordale. "Captain Cordale have you began to prepare for Atmosperic entry?"

"We're as prepared as any ship can be, when the order is 'Aim for the ground, and miss at the last minute'." Cordale commented. "We're going to be allocating power in preference to defensive systems. The whole thing falls apart if we don't make it, so we're going to be pretty well defended... aside from all the cover, I mean."

Goddard nodded. "Pioneer, Wessex and Illustrious will be the first wave of the Intrepids hitting the ground." He motioned to the three Captains. "Fearless, you'll be their escort with the Dresden and Argus."

Bertrand nodded, "Our first wave will be our best. The Jenarri will most likely expect some Ship to Ship combat, so to make an initial feint and then run for the surface should meet minimal resistance. We expect tehy will ignore the smaller ships in preference to the capital craft. Once we have showed our hand, it will be harder to get subsequent waves through or effect any extraction. We... are predicting heavy casualties on any second and subsequent runs."

"Sir, what about the larger Ships?" Elijah asked the Admrial. "We've got Victory and your Flagship as well as the Nebula Wing."

"Nebula wings will be escorted by Steamrunners and they'll do the bulk of the Marine Assualt, We need to make sure we keep the Jennarri spread out to prevent them launching reinforcements on the ground." Goddard said with a nod to the Caitain General.

"I may need use of Security Staff from Pioneer, Wessex and Illustrious to keep our fallback position clear."

"I was expecting the security detail on the Pioneer to assist with the ground and pound for the most part?" Cordale questioned, "As for reinforcements, well do we know if the Jennarri have transporter tech yet? We could ionize the atmosphere to make beaming in a little less than perfect but it'd effectively cut us off if we need a quick out."

"Though, once our offensive pushes through, if you need whoever I can spare to hold the door open, then yeah we can arrange that."

Goddard nodded. "Once boots are on the ground, the General is in charge." He motioned to the Caitian in Holographic form.

"Let's make it clear ladies and gentlemen that this is going to be a bloody conflict, I'm expecting stiff resistance from the Jennarri and we will face our toughest tests." Goddard commented. "See you all at the end."


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