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Fearless we become

Posted on Tue Oct 10th, 2017 @ 5:36am by Commander Bertrand Cuprum & Captain Elijah Michaels & Lieutenant Valeria Mordin & Lieutenant Tarlee

Mission: When the Sinful strike back
Location: Mess Hall, USS Fearless

The Mess Hall of the Defiant Class Starship was ominously quiet, given the nature of their objective it had been cleared off non essential staff and was left to only a select few.

The Crew present were implementing their strategy.

"It won't work I'm telling you now." Tarlee said to one of the Fearless's original Officers. "These aren't Dominion Attack Ships or B'rel Class Birds of Prey, these are Jennarri Cruisers with a pair of Escorts."

"And your point is?" The Human asked the Bolian.

"My point is they can outmuscle us in a head on fight but not if we use hit and run tactics." Tarlee said.

"All warfare is based on deception." came a voice from behind the two, belonging to the most recent temporary addition to the Fearless' crew. The rabbitess, Valeria Mordin, stood with a soft smirk on her features and a cup of tea in her hands. "May I join you? Tai Choren's philosophy and foundations of war were required reading in second academy."

Tarlee pointed to one of the tables. "Pull up a chair Valeria." He smiled to his Shipmate. "Dreadnaughts are slow but their designed for a broadside assault, get caught in the arc of fire and well you'll be dust before you blink." He pulled up a schematic for the known Jennarri Ships they had encountered and had information on. "Their Escorts are comparable to Miranda's but we can't rule out their maneuverability."

"Then we count on it," Bertrand responded, coming through the doors and moving to the table without being asked. "As you were. I can hear the conversation from three decks away anyhow."

"Basics tactics 101 is to play the enemies strength against them. They have big guns that can take out any big ship in a single hit, we give them lots of little ships so denying them that advantage. They have Dreadnoughts with firepower? They are going to want to use that, so we give them big capital ships to focus on so they are not thinking that our smaller ships are going to be doing anything significant. We feint an attack so their manouverable ships shift position and then break off at the last minute for the surface. We catch their fleet off guard."

"At that point their escorts need to either abandon their Capital ships to give chase to us, exposing the primary targets to our own firepower, and chasing us without knowing why, or they choose to ignore our smaller ships. leaving them open to attack from that vector after the ground landing."

Tarlee nodded. "There is still one wild card in the whole scenario Commander, the Planet." Tarlee pulled up the information on the Colony. "I wouldn't put it past the Jennarri to have Planetary Defences."

"It's too soon." Valeria commented, having listened most of the time in silence. "Though, they'll have whatever defenses are already in place, if the stories about total abandonment and conversion are to be believed." she gave her salad a nibble. "The Jennarri will put their faith in their technology. Their shielding is, to a point, superior to our own. There's also a very good chance that they don't know that we know about the flaw in their offensive weapon systems."

"That's our play." Tarlee said agreeing with Valeria. "I've been trawling through the data we had available from the Cardassians and they soon realised that their bigger ships were sitting ducks and adapted to combat them."


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