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Final updates

Posted on Tue Oct 17th, 2017 @ 10:22am by Lieutenant JG Elliot Keller & Commander Cor Cordale & Lieutenant Commander Ziyal Tajor

Mission: When the Sinful strike back
Location: Ready Room, USS Pioneer

Elliot did a final walk around the Bridge of the Pioneer, the Diplomatic Officer had a PADD under his arm and walked towards the Ready Room of the Intrepid class Starship.

He proceeded inside to meet with Commander Tajor and Captain Cordale. "Captain, Commander." He said as he approached the two of them. "Final updates on the Pioneer as requested."

Ziyal tapped the padd against hers, transferring the detailed information to hers. "Very good Lieutenant, what's your assessment?" She asked.

"Well you've got a Ship designed for 150 people holding another 75 Marines in the Cargo Bays." The Human Officer said to them. "Sardines was the phrase that the General used." Keller then scrolled through some information. "Weapons and Shields are primed and ready as are the atmospheric entry and landing systems."

Cordale gave a look at the PaDD, "Yeah, it's standing room only. Make sure they get plenty of soap." Cordale had a smirk on his features, a joke clearly to try to break the tension of the moments to come. "Get in touch with Tactical, have them re-balance the power feeds for weapons and shields. Call it 75% weapons, 125% shields. We won't be the ones shooting through, and if we take a disabling hit then it's all for nothing. I'm sure there's an Earth sports metaphor for scoring a home run in the end zone or something, but the bottom line is, planetfall is our goal. Well, not FALL, but you know what I mean." he said with a shake of his head.

"I want you to talk to the chief engineer, find out what they feel is the highest reactor output we can comfortably go to, and for how long. If I go down there, I'm Command... he'll promise me the moon, and I don't really have anyplace to put it. See, every reactor SAYS it can go to one hundred percent production, but there's always wiggle room. One oh two... one oh three. Hell, I brought the reactor back on the old Wellington up to one oh four for about ten minutes." he got nostalgic for a moment. They didn't make reactors like that anymore.

"Anywho, the trick is every reactor has those little last minute squeezes. I want to know what we're playing with."

Keller nodded. "Aye Captain, I will head down there and speak to the Chief." The Diplomat said to Cordale, admittedly a little out of his depth with this whole situation but he would soldier through it. "I'll have Ensign Bailey make the necessary calibrations before we arrive."

Engineering was not Ziyal's expertise, so she let Cor handle it. However, there was a detail she thought he missed. "Be sure that they are ready for the drain that transporters will impose if we have to offload everything by transporter. We want to have everything already queued for a combat drop. Most of it is the Marines portion, but we have to get them there."

Elliot nodded. "You remember a time when we were explorers? And the biggest threat we faced was an alien entity or subspace anomaly."

"That's a little before my time." Cordale chuckled, "I used to be ..."

A Slave.

An Object.

A Possession.

"... a miner." The Thux was silent for a moment, just lost in his own gloom before he snapped out of it. "Ziyal's got a good point. Make sure we don't have any issues with the power grid. I want to know Engineering's opinion on whether or not we could, in theory, activate every transporter we have at the same time. Just as a benchmark."

Keller nodded. "That's an impressiveg idea." He commented as he thought about it. "We Transport the boots on the ground, let them kick ass and then we land and establish a Command Post."

"There are some disadvantages such as it being slower then just throwing them out, mainly in how fast we can get numbers to the ground, it can also be blocked by shields or transport inhibitors. However, it also allows us to fire and maneuver while we deploy them. It's a situational tactic, but one we may find useful." Ziyal explained.

"It's a solid tactic, and maybe one they won't see coming. Even still, have Sciences prep a probe or three to act as a transporter signal booster. If we encounter any form of shielding or interference, we might be able to launch a few probes, and then have them act as beacons. Risky, but that's what we're running into at the moment." Cordale thought for a moment.

"Ever have that feeling you're forgetting something?" he pondered aloud.

Elliot shrugged. "Now if you'll excuse me Captain, Commander I have the Bridge." The young Lieutenant said with a final nod towards the two of them before he left.


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