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Let history remember......

Posted on Wed Nov 1st, 2017 @ 7:31pm by Captain Elijah Michaels & Warrant Officer Felix Kilvarn & Commander Bertrand Cuprum & Commander Cor Cordale & Lieutenant Commander Alec Wescott & Lieutenant Odelle Lin & Lieutenant JG Scotty Kayne & Ensign Courtney Baxter

Mission: When the Sinful strike back
Location: Bridge, USS Victory

The Victory and the Fleet dropped out of warp in orbit of the Planet, an M Class World settled for colonisation in the early 23rd century. It was in a star system roughly similar to Earth though with only 4 planets.

"Captain, I'm reading numerous energy signatures in orbit of the planet." Ensign Bacter commented. "Jennarri."

"Red Alert, all hands to Battlestations." Elijah commented as he sat in his chair.

Alec walked onto the bridge, having just been taking a quick check of all the ships departments for the coming battle. He walked over to the Executive Officers chair, and logged into the terminal in the chair arm. "All departments report ready captain. What are your orders?" He asked, taking a look at the scans.

"Take us into position." He signalled out his orders. "Begin Defensive Pattern Archer Sigma."

"Taking us into position, sir, Defensive Pattern Archer Sigma confirmed." Kayne reported

"They have detected us. A handful of craft are staying in position, however the main body of their fleet is moving to intercept us." Alec reported from his chair, before glancing at Tactical. "Ready weapons." He said.

"Aye sir, weapons ready!" The Ensign at Tactical said.

"Allocating power through to shields and weapons, sir. I'll try not to drain propulsion too much." Lin said at the Ops station. "Damn... Would you look at those ships..."

"Remember we are to clear the way for the Landing Units." Elijah commented. "All Ships this is the Victory, fire at will."

"Captain we have Fighters on an intercept towards the Pioneer." Baxter commented.

"Have Reynolds and his Akira Flight engage them." Elijah commanded. "Alec I need to know the progress of the Landing Ships, keep a fix on their location."

“Aye sir, landing ships are just approaching the planets surface, some damage but no losses yet. Reynolds and his Akiras have acknowledged.” Alec said watching the panel in the arm of his chair.

"Scotty begin evasive manouvers Pattern Epilson."

"Pattern Epilson confirmed, sir, executing." Scotty replied, as his hands moved across the console.

"Odelle how are the Miranda Squadrons doing?"

"So far so good that I can see, sir. A bit of a hit to their shield integrity but they're holding their own... For now." she said as she saw more Jennari ships. "I've got a few more Jennari coming their way."

Elijah pressed his Chair. "Victory to Miranda Squadron Alpha, you've got incoming Frigates."

"Copy that Victory we've engaged evasive manouvers and we are drawing them away from their Defensive Picket."

"Captain we had a priority one message from Commander Drax on the USS Juno." Baxter said to Elijah. "Patching it through."

=^= "Juno to Victory we have sustained heavy damage to our outer hull, We are venting atmosphere and....." =^=

Elijah turned to Baxter who shook her head. "Tactical what is the location of Juno?"

"To our Starboard they've been seperated." Felix commented.

"Helm take us to their location and divert power to shields, inform the Admiral we are going to help Juno, have Fearless stick close to Cordale."

"Aye, sir, taking us into position." Scotty replied

“The Admiral is aware. Fearless is moving to cover Cordale.” Alec replied.

The Victory moved into position to assist the USS Juno amongst the carnage of the Fleet battle that was raging. The Steamrunner Class Ship was adrift but still somehow firing her forward weapons. A pair of Jennarri Destroyers had seperated her from the main battle and we're slowly wearing her out.

"Lin are their any Life signs on the Juno?" Elijah asked his Science Officer.

"So far so good. They are reporting some minor injuries but nobody's died yet." Lin replied.

"Helm take us right into the line of fire." Elijah gave the order. An order he knew he didn't want to give but needs must.

"Aye, sir, adjusting course. heading 318, mark 85."

Victory had manoeuvred herself directly into the line of fire to shield the Juno. Elijah had the ship turn at an angle so that the dorsal section was at an angle to protect the crippled Steamrunner.

"Divert all power to shields and weapons." Elijah said as the ship rocked from Phaser fire. "Signal the Juno to begin evacuation whilst we draw the fire of the Jennarri."

"Aye Sir." Baxter said as she sat at Ops. The slender Ensign scrolled across her console as she relayed the information.

Felix stood at Tactical. The Orion Warrant Officer began to direct power from wherever he could to shields. "Sir our Shields are at 75 and dropping....67 percent....."

The Bridge rocked from an impact as the Crew were flung from their Stations.

“Crap!” Alec shouted from his position on the floor. “What was that?” He asked, getting back into his seat. “Casualty reports coming in, ops what’s the damage like?” He asked, giving Elijah a hand to his feet. “20 wounded, 5 major, 3 reported dead or missing. Hull breach deck 10, Emergency forcefields are holding.” He called as he received the information.

"Secondary Hull has sustained minor damage, Deck 11, 12 and 13 are evacuated." Baxter called out as she managed to find her station. "Sir the Juno is halfway through the evacuation."

"Understood." Elijah proceeded to the Aft Station where Odelle was with a wounded Ensign. "You holding up alright Odelle?" He asked her.

"So far so good sir." Lin replied

"What's the status of the Lead Destroyer?" Elijah asked for a reference.

Felix had returned to Tactical after helping get the wounded off the Bridge. "Shields are at 66 percent, moderate damage to their Primary hull."

"Prepare a volley of Quantum Torpedoes and target their Bridge." The Captain said returning to his seat. "Alec what's the status of the Fleet?"

"Cordale has just broken through and is beginning his run, his escorts are returning to the main fleet body to take the heat off of our bigger vessels. We've only lost 5 ships so far, however most of their crews were able to evacuate. The landing craft have almost all offloaded their troops and are heading back to us." Alec said, glancing at his console.

"Routing additional to weapons and to our shield generators but I don't have much more to spare without blowing the relays out." Lin said

"Do what you can." Elijah said as he looked to Lin. The Captain then turned to Alec. "Tell Cordale to remain grounded and keep the Beachhead open."

"Aye." Alec tapped a few commands in. "Victory to Cordale, maintain position on the ground, keep our beachhead open!" He said, waiting for a reply.

"Cordale to Victory, we'll keep a parking spot open for you." came the awaited reply.

"Felix once you have the shot take it." Elijah said to the Warrant Officer.

Felix stood at Tactical and nodded. The Orion waited only for a few seconds before he launched Torpedoes at the target. Victory was still being targeted as she shielded the evacuation of the Juno, but her weapons had an impact. "Direct hit, severe damage to the Destroyer but they're still in the fight."

"Captain, the Juno is signalling a complete evacuation, escape pods are moving to a safe distance, USS Malta is moving to pick them up." Baxter said from Ops.

"Alright begin evasive manouvers, Tango 3 pattern." Elijah said to Scotty. "Alec let's finish of the weakened destroyer, hopefully we can do enough damage to stop the second."

"Sounds like a plan sir. Tactical, give her everything you've got!" Alec called to the tactical officer.

"Executing Tango 3, sir, I'll give 'em a run for their money." Scotty reported

Victory fired her weapons at the Destroyer and after a slog they were able to weaken it. "Alright they won't be bothering us soon, focus fire on the second one."

"Captain we have an incoming message from Admiral Goddard, Fearless has been hit." Baxter said in an ominous tone.

"Status of the Fearless?" He asked trying to hide his concern for the men and women he had ordered to man the Defiant Class Ship.

"Fearless is adrift, life support is minimal and power is down, the Torres is in a similar way but the Banksia made it threw and got a massive hit on the Command Ship before pulling away." The Ensign said to the Captain.

"Those poor bastards, let's finish up this Jennarri Ship and get back in the fight." Elijah said with a nod. "Target all weapons on that Ship, Damage Comtrol teams to assess damage and begin repairs."


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