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Welcome Aboard

Posted on Mon Dec 4th, 2017 @ 5:30pm by Lieutenant Jaton Alyl & Captain Elijah Michaels

Mission: When the Sinful strike back
Location: USS Victory, Ready Room

Jaton stepped off the turbolift and turned the corner to find himself in front of the captain's Ready Room. He rang the door chime and held his hands behind his back, cradling the PADD in his hand as he waited for the captain's response.

When it came, he walked through the door and stood at attention before the captain.

"Captain Michaels, thank you for seeing me. And I want to personally thank you for coming to the rescue of the Pioneer. I don't know what would've happened had you not come."

Elijah then looked up. "Well I wouldn't call it a rescue, Commander Cordale did most of the work as her Captain to ensure your survival." He the motioned to the vacant seat. "Please sit down."

"Thank you sir." Jaton nodded and sat in the offered chair, staying straight-backed and straight-laced. He then gave the PADD he was holding over to Michaels. "Sir, the reason I'm here is because I wish to apply for a transfer to the Victory. Upon analysing the losses in the science department on both the Victory and the Pioneer, I believe that my skill set and presence will be more valuable here. And while I have read much of the work done by the late Mr Ekinci, I hope that I will be more than capable of striding in his boots as it were."

"Is that correct?" Elijah said brushing through the PADD. "You are aware that Lieutenant Lin and Lieutenant Mordin are currently my two Senior Science Officers, both of which have extensive knowledge and experience."

He looked at the Trill. "How many Hosts have you had?"

Jaton felt Alyl move uneasily at the captain's question. He shrank back in the chair slightly, trying to keep on his brave face. "Jaton is my first host, sir. And while I am aware of your current science team, I know you lost some members in the recent battle, and I want to help fill those gaps and I look forward to working with the existing science team."

Elijah nodded at the Trill. “Well I’m aware there are vacancies in the Science Department.” The Captain then scrolled his fingers across the screen. “I don’t see it being a problem.” With a polite smile the Human looked at Jaton. “Transfer approved.”

Jaton nodded in return. "Thank you sir. Is there anything else you need from me at this juncture?"

"Not at the present moment." Elijah said returning his PADD to him. "Visit the Boatswain and the Quartermaster to find yourself some Quarters and then report to Science and the XO for further orientation."

"Understood, sir. And thank you again." Jaton nodded at the captain and smiled politely. He then stood up and walked out of the ready room and headed for the turbolift to find the boatswain.

OOC: Striding in someone's boots is the Trill equivalent of filling someone's shoes.


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