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Onward, to Victory part 1

Posted on Mon Dec 4th, 2017 @ 5:40pm by Lieutenant JG Asvit Hap

Mission: When the Sinful strike back
Location: Epsilon Sigma
Timeline: current

Ltjg Hap sat uncomfortably on the bridge of the USS Webster as it flew towards his new destiny, CDO of the USS Victory. A Sovvie huh? At least I'm trading up from this old ambassador class I'm on he thought to himself. The ship dropped out of warp and Asvit was enthralled by the sights. He saw a multitude of ships. A mixture of Starfleet and civilian. Exactly what the Trill would expect to see. He looked around and a puzzled look came over his features.

He looked out of the viewscreen again from the aux science station he happened to be occupying at the time. He watched the hustle and bustle as the ship flew to just within transporter range. Upon which Asvit was ordered to report to transporter room 2. He nodded to the Captain, his interest piqued as he rose to let a science officer sit. He exited the bridge into the turbolift where he ordered it to take him exactly there.

Wonder whats going on? Gotta be something big to have this much activity He thought as he waited for the car to stop. And stop it did. The purple collared lieutenant made for the transporter and immediately got on the pad. "My stuff?" he asked.

"Already been beamed over to the station." The transporter chief said, a "man in his very early twenties. He omitted the sir which Hap let slide. He just wanted to get the show on the road. He wasn't normally this way, it was just that he figured the Webster would be needed to the big to do that seemed to be going on. "Okay then, energize" the trill said.

The trill rematerialized on the padd, going through SOP with deck officers and such. That was until he was informed of the situation about the Jennarri and what they were doing. Figured it was something like that he thought. A commander in his late thirties then started to speak to him

"So that's the situation, Lieutenant." she said. "Do you have any questions?"

"My transfer to USS Victory, Commander. Do I go to her or wait til she returns?" he asked

"To the point. I like that in a junior officer. That's still being determined, Lieutenant. Until then, you're dismissed. Report for duty, Gamma shift here in the meantime. I have your berthing assignment right here."

"Aye, Commander." Asvit said, taking the padd he was offered gladly. All he wanted to do was sleep right now so he decided rather quickly to head straight there.

Ltjg Asvit Hap
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Victory


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