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Posted on Wed Dec 13th, 2017 @ 6:06pm by Captain Elijah Michaels & Lieutenant Valeria Mordin

Mission: When the Sinful strike back

Elijah wasn't one to make Social Calls as the Ships Captain but this was something he felt he needed to do. With Victory and the Fleet returning to friendly space and the crew returning home he had a matter to attend to.

He approached the Quarters of Valeria Mordin and pressed the chime.

The rabbitess was off duty at the moment, so she was dressed more comfortably and casually then one would normally encounter her. At the chime, her ears perked, and she called out to the door, "Just a moment." As her room was currently at an illumination more comfortable for her, she figured she'd have to raise it for her guest. Ever the polite hostess.

She put a thick cloth cover over her terrarium, concealing the illuminated flowers within, "Computer, raise illumination level from seventy percent to eighty five percent." She gave the lights the chance to adjust, as well as her eyes, before she turned to the door and bid her visitor, "Enter."

Elijah waited for permission and then entered her Quarters. “Good morning Lieutenant.” He said smiling politely towards the Ts’usugi Officer.

There was a touch of conflict in her reflectionless eyes. Does she stand to attention, in the presence of her captain... or does she stay more relaxed, as this was her home on board the ship? In the end, she opted to give her commanding officer a deep nod and a soft smirk, "Good morning sir. Tea or coffee?" she offered, as she started her way toward the wall unit. "How can I be of assistance?" she inquired, unless he simply came for a social meeting. She'd be alright either way, she enjoyed talking with people.

"Coffee please." He responded as he made his way inside her Quarters. "I've been reading over your report from the Fearless, seems that Chief Ainsley has been singing your praises since you got back and so has Hel."

One coffee and one tea later, Valeria brought the cups over to a countertop and set his coffee before him, "In Ainsley's case, I was merely doing my duty." Ts'usugi pride: One cup modesty, two spoons of civil duty, stir until routine. "Though in Hel's case, she's someone I'm particularly fond of, so any report I give in her stead may be a bit biased." she admitted, hiding her smirk behind her teacup.

"I'm just relieved the bulk of it is now behind us, and statistically, the count of hands lost was much lower than it could have been." she stated, "Credit where credit is due, those in command performed excellently."

With a raise of his cup Elijah agreed. “I agree, all across the Fleet our Officers and Staff were excellent.” He then took a sip of coffee and waited to savour the taste. “Now the reason I’m here?”

She gave a smirk, "Aside from coffee and a chat?" she actually teased with the captain, then her demeanor became slightly more serious, "The flowers were cleared through customs as a non-threatening, non-invasive botanical. Unless, you aren't here about the Tattletales." she clarified, taking another sip of her tea.

He raised his hand. "I know about the flowers don't worry Valeria." In the last couple of years Elijah had formed significant friendships with his shipmates and it became easier to speak to them. "It's been decided that you're going be a Department Head on the Victory."

"Me?" she questioned, but more to just confirm rather than a show of doubt. "Odelle is an excellent chief, I trust I'm not replacing her?" she asked for clarity. What other department was she qualified for? What other department did she see HERSELF qualified for...

He shook his head. “You’re being transferred to Operations. You’ll be the Department Head, as well as a permanent Station on the Bridge.”

This was quite the step up. A step she accepted with grace and humility. "I'll do my all to keep the department in line." she smirked, "And thank you. Your confidence will be returned in fold." and she gave a nod, sealing the promise.

He bowed his head in appreciation. "I'll have all your Command Codes and clearance updated, you'll also need to Replicate Gold Uniforms."

She gave a smirk, "And I just got used to blue." she actually gave a soft giggle as she finished her tea.

The two of them continued their friendly chit chat over their beverages. Now that things had settled down it was good to unwind and get back to reality.


Lieutenant Valeria Mordin
Was Science, Is Ops
USS Victory


Captain Elijah Michaels
Commanding Officer
USS Victory


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