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Cost of Victory

Posted on Tue Dec 26th, 2017 @ 11:31am by Captain Elijah Michaels & Lieutenant Commander Alec Wescott

Mission: When the Sinful strike back
Location: Ready Room. USS Victory

Elijah slumped down into the Chair in his Ready Room. The Captain had been awake for what seemed like an eternity since the original message from Goddard. He just wanted to sleep but he couldn't.

He gazed down at his desk and the mountains of reports and estimates on the Victory and her Crew.

"Alec when you have a moment will you join me in the Ready a Room?"

"Aye sir, on my way." Alec had been sitting on the bridge, keeping an eye out after the battle. He stood and walked over to the ready room, signaling for the Tactical officer to take the bridge. He straightened his uniform, and buzzed the door, waiting to be let in.

"Come in." Elijah said looking over at his door.

Alec walked in, taking a stand behind the desk. "Reporting as ordered boss." He said, smiling.

Elijah motioned to the empty chair. "So what's the damage looking like? And don't BS me."

Alec sighed quietly and took a seat, relaxing. "Powers out on decks 3 through 7, so sickbays running on backups, apparently some blown power relays somewhere, engineering is on that as a priority. We have a few minor hull breaches, but nothing major, however our deflectors down, as is 3 of our phaser banks, and our aft torpedo launchers. Apart from that everything seems to be working ok." Alec said, handing over an up to date work order on a PADD.

“Have Damage Control Teams Sigma, Epsilon and Romeo get to work on restoring Power and the Hull Breaches, take people from Gamma Shift if needs be.” Elijah then sighed and what’s the casualty list?”

Alec nodded, before handing over a 2nd PADD. "Our casualties are 5 dead, 50 plus wounded, and we have 2 missing. We are doing a deck by deck search for them." Alec said, frowning at these numbers.

"Understood." Elijah then yawned. "Commander Cuprum and the others will be returning later today, I'd like you to take the next watch with Lin then have Scotty take over when it's quiet." He looked around at his Ready Room. It's seen some battles over the last year but it still remained his place of tranquility. "Oh one more thing, with Evans being transferred to Special Projects and the new faces coming in." The Captain slid a hollow pip across the table." "You're now the next in line after Tajor, congratulations Lieutenant Commander."

"Thank you sir. With Evans leaving, who will be taking over Chief Tactical?" Alec said, picking up the new pip and fixing it to his collar. He was pleased with the unexpected promotion.

“Indecided as of yet.” Elijah admitted to Alec. “You May have to do it for a short time before we find someone.” But with that being said Elijah looked at Alec. "That'll be all Commander you are dismissed."


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