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My sight My Sight Part duex

Posted on Tue Nov 13th, 2018 @ 9:26pm by Lieutenant Simon Stevens & Lieutenant Sara'draphia T'eseri

Mission: Convoy of the Damned
Location: Simon's quarters

Having been brought back to his quarters, Simon knew this was going to be hell until he had the implants fitted and wondered if the Captain had been informed about what had happened to him, and for that matter why he was not available for what ever they threw at the Victory.

As Simon entered his quarters, the computer activated the holo-nurse. materialising a few meters away from him, the holo-nurse had been given a human form to help Simon feel more comfortable. "welcome home lieutenant Stevens. I am Eva, your enhanced virtual assistant"

"Nice to meet you Eva," replied Simon as the Nurse who had brought him back home and had left him with her, He continued," Would you mind helping me to the sofa," as he remembered how he had taken his sight for granted.

"Of course" Eva said, walking over to him and placing a hand on Simon's arm, "I have been programmed to assist you with all of your needs, you have but to ask"

"Thank you Eva," replied Simon as he hated being waited on hand and foot, as he knew that if he had been woke up correctly from the Cryo chamber properly then he wouldn't be in this state, and he knew that he was going to find out who done it. as Eva guided him to the sofa.

helping Simon onto the sofa, Eva stood up straight and placed her hands behind her back in a very diplomatic pose, "is there anything I can do for you?"

"Would you mind getting me a ice cold coke please?" He asked his new holographic assistant as he needed a beverage as he hadn't had a drink since coming back from the mission.

Eva bowed her head slightly, "of course" she said, before turning around and walking over to the replicator, "one glass of Coke-a-cola with ice, 600ml" Eva requested. after a moment, the replicator produced the requested beverage and as soon as it was finished, Eva reached in to retrieve it. "if i may Lieutenant, i would like to ask you a few questions?" she asked, walking back over to Simon and placing the bottom of the glass onto one of his hands to let him know where it was.

"Sure, go on," replied Simon as he leaned back into the sofa, He continued,"What do you want to know?" He asked his new Holographic Assistant.

"what is it like to loose your vision? what does it feel like?" Eva asked

"All I know Eva is that I went into a Cryo chamber with my sight and Came out of it," He responded as he knew this was slightly embarresing for him, He finished "and came out of it without my sight,"

Eva's face was emotionless, "was there any pain? are you in pain now?"

"There was some discomfert when I came out," replied Simon as he knew that she was asking him these questions to help her program to help him, He continued," But it is a pain in the ass not being able to see,"

"pain in the arse?.... oh you mean an irritation or annoyance. i understand" Eva said

"An annoyance," replied Simon, as he knew that Eva was trying to understand his frustration, He continued," I know know how Laforge must of felt," as he knew that things had changed for him drasticlly.

"Forgive me, but I do not believe your situation pertains to that of Captain LaForge. Medical files indicate he was blind from birth, were you have only recently been blinded. You have had many years of using your own natural eyes that Captain LaForge did not" Eva stated.

"What I mean Eva if you excuse the pun," replied Simon as he shifted himself on the couch," That I can now see from both sides as a once sighted person to now a someone who is Blind," as he sat up straight or what he thought was stright.

"But your condition is only temporary. How is this different to breaking an arm or a leg? You will have sight returned in time" Eva asked, not understanding his point of view. Her limited programming prevented her from understanding his emotional paint of view.

"What I mean Eva, is that I have a better understanding of those who are blind," replied Simon, he continued," Just because I am recenitly blind, does not mean I don't understand them,"

Eva nodded, "very well, i accept your explanation"

"Good, now what time is it as I heard there is a game night on the holodeck,"replied Simon as he knew that he didn't want to spend the nights alone and that he needed to get out of his quarters.

“The time is 16:30 hours” Eva responded “I would not recommend that you go anywhere tonight Lieutenant. It does not seem wise “

"I am not going to sit here and be a recluse Eva," replied Simon, He continued," I am not going to let this beat me,"as he tried to stand up on his own, "All I need is something to guide me with," He finished.

processing what he'd said, Eva turned to the replicator and tapped a few controls. a few seconds later, Eva walked over to Simon, grabbed his hand and placed a thin metalic pole in it. "i believe this should be sufficiant"

"Thank you Eva,"replied Simon as he tried to walk a few paces, He asked his Holographic assistant, "Would you watch me practice with this?" as he didn't want to be a hindrance to anyone till he got his new eyes.

"of course lieutenant. that is my purpose" Eva replied.

Please Call me Simon," as he tried to stand up and take his first steps as he moved his cane from side to side, "Now lets see if i can manage with this," as he started to move he heard the russling sound of the Carpet underneath him. He asked," Please tell me when I am near the desk,"

watching Simon accustomise himself with the cane, eva became facinated by how he adapted to his new situation.


Lieutenant Simon Stevens
Assistant chief Operations


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